About North Bridge House

Why North Bridge House

North Bridge House is a group of five independent co-educational day schools in North London.

As part of our established group, pupils benefit from shared best practice and joint approaches across our teaching staff, and an effective, seamless transition from one site to the next. Within each of our unique schools, the smaller communities mean that every teacher knows every pupil and children receive individual attention within a warm and friendly environment. Parents also receive regular updates on their child’s progress and maintain close contact with the school.

At North Bridge House, we are focused on providing the very best educational outcomes for each of our pupils, according to their individual needs and aspirations. We believe that each child has their own path to academic success and as a mixed ability group, we individually prepare children for the next stage in their education.

We are distinctive, contemporary and high-achieving in that we provide pathways for all of our pupils, helping them to achieve their full potential within the North Bridge House group and beyond. From Nursery through to Sixth Form, we achieve excellent results at 11+, 13+, GCSE and A-Level, successfully preparing pupils for entry to some of the country’s top Senior Schools, if not our own sought after Senior and Sixth Form provision.

Our Aims

  • To celebrate each child as an individual
  • To have a happy school with a friendly, family atmosphere
  • To provide a secure and nurturing environment where children learn tolerance, consideration and respect for others
  • To help every child fulfill their potential through dedicated and inspirational teaching
  • To educate the whole child by offering a wide variety of academic, sporting and extra-curricular activities

Our Ethos

At North Bridge House, we have always believed in the importance of celebrating the individual and, as such, have built our long-standing success on maintaining an environment in which our pupils are happy, confident and proud of their achievements.

Across the group, we believe in the importance of educating the whole child so that his or her true potential can be fulfilled. With academic work and self-discipline at the centre of school life, we focus on providing a breadth of learning experience that takes pupils much further than the curriculum itself.  Through a wide range of academic and extra-curricular learning experiences, we aim to develop self-awareness and the acquisition of skills needed for adult life. Our continuing objective is an education that prepares our young adults for the future.