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How do you get a sixth form place?

Applying to sixth form can often be the first significant decision students make for themselves regarding the path their educational career will take. After secondary school, there are various options available, and sixth form schools in London can be an excellent way to continue to learn in an a academically rigorous yet supportive environment.

For those that decide to go to sixth form, it is important to be organised and research options beforehand. This can help you to make sure everything from the location to the qualifications on offer at the sixth form meet your requirements.

Researching A-Levels

Many secondary schools offer A-level sixth form study, so it is easy for students to stay at their current school to continue their education. Even so, it is important to research the A-levels, grades and requirements of sixth forms to ensure they match your levels and requirements. At North Bridge House, students typically choose to study 3 or 4 A-levels, including options such as Maths, Economics, English Literature, Psychology, Chemistry, or Mandarin.

It is recommended that students research a couple of sixth form options before making a decision. Once you have found what you are looking for, it’s a great idea to book a visit or get a prospectus for more details.

Submitting an application

Most sixth forms within schools will start to open their application process in the autumn term of Year 11. However, it’s not always necessary to submit an application if you intend to go to the sixth form within your current school.

Make sure to check with your chosen private sixth form for more details of their admission process and the deadline for applications. For example, at North Bridge House, the application deadline for a September start is the previous December. The school then holds interviews for prospective students in January.

Attending an Admissions Day

Once you have submitted your application you will often be invited to attend an admissions day. The itinerary of the day can vary from school to school, but will typically involve an interview process and a conversation about the likelihood of meeting application requirements.

At North Bridge School, the admissions day is held in January and involves interviews with the Heads of Department for each A-level subject that students wish to study. It is a good chance for the Heads of Department to get to know prospective students and parents, and for students to get more familiar with the schools and staff.

Receiving your offer

Most students will receive their sixth form offer shortly after they receive their GCSE results – typically towards the end of August.

Whether you receive an offer or not will be largely dependent on your results – with sixth form places at North Bridge House offered subject to the entry requirements of five grade 6s, including English or Maths. If you do receive an offer, details on how to accept it will be provided with your offer letter.

Applying for Sixth Form at North Bridge House

If you are considering applying for sixth form at North Bridge House, why not attend one our upcoming open events? Alternatively, we would be more than happy to organise a guided tour for you. Contact us today to find out more.  

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