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Common Wealth Games Gold Medalist Inspires NBH Nursery Pupils

This week North Bridge House Nursery and Pre-Prep pupils met Steve Frew, Scotland’s first Gymnastics Commonwealth gold medalist. He spoke to the children about what he most enjoyed about gymnastics and how he found something that he really enjoyed at a young age.

Steve really engaged with the pupils, asking them questions about what they enjoy doing and who their role models were, and the children were eager to answer his questions. He showed his avid listeners a small clip of his achievements, which led to him receiving his Commonwealth games gold medals, and the children were in awe of his athletic jumps and aerial turns. His discipline comes down to a solo performance but Steve told the Nursery and Pre-Prep children,

“I became the best version of myself by working together in a team with other people.”

After Steve’s presentation, the children were treated to an exclusive performance. They made their way out to the playground where a small gym setup was all Steve needed to wow his young audience. The children really enjoyed watching his impressive twists and turns, queuing to thank Steve and have their photographs taken with him after the display.

Huge thanks to our special guest, Steve Frew, and here’s to NBH Nursery & Pre-Prep pupils striving to be the best versions of themselves.

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