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Senior School Staff

Please see the staff list for the Senior School below.

To contact the school, please call 020 7267 6266 and select option 4, or email

If you would like to receive details of staff qualifications, please contact the Senior School via

Mrs Georgina Masefield

Head Teacher, Teacher of English

Mr Christopher Jones

Deputy Head Academic, Teacher of History

Mrs Jacqueline Silver

Deputy Head Pastoral, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Responsible for PSHEE, Head of Year 7

Mr Mark Ashley

Head of PE

Ms Samira Bencheikh

Teacher of French and Spanish, Form Tutor 7 Bencheikh

Mrs Louise Blair

Teacher of DT – Textiles (P/T)

Mr Ellis Bolle

Teacher of English

Mr Davi Rodrigues Borges

Teacher of Maths, Form Tutor 8 Borges

Mrs Oksana Bridges

Head of Science, Form Tutor 11 Bridges

Ms Alessandra Cesarato

Head of MFL, Form Tutor 8 Cesarato

Mrs Arezoo Corrigall

Teacher of Food Technology

Mr Gabriel Craciun

Teacher of Maths

Miss Laura Donnelly

Teacher of PE, Head of Year 8

Ms Nuala Dowd

Science Technician

Mr James Garrett

Head of History, Head of Year 11 (Academic)

Ms Heike Gauglitz

Teacher of D.T Resistant Materials (P/T)

Mr Jack Georgeou

Teacher of Maths, Head of Year 11 (Pastoral)

Mr Joe Gorman

Teacher of PE, Form Tutor 9 Gorman

Ms Eleanor Green

Teacher of English, Form Tutor 9 Green

Mr Daniel Hall

Head of Maths, Head of Year 10

Ms Katharine Harney

Teacher of English, Form Tutor 7 Harney

Ms Ramona Ianc

Teacher of Science, Form Tutor 8 Ianc

Ms Birgit Ivarsson


Mr Robert Jackson

Teacher of Drama (P/T)

Ms Kamile Kemal

Teacher of French & German

Mr Sean Kidd

Teacher of Geography & History, Form Tutor 10 Kidd

Mr Joshua Leach

Teacher of Maths, Form Tutor 10 Leach

Mr Dominic Leitch

Art & Photography Technician

Miss Amy McIntosh

Acting Head of Science, Form Tutor 10 McIntosh

Mrs Clare O’Keefe

Teacher of PE (P/T)

Miss Ariana Oliver

Head of Geography, Head of Year 9

Mrs Heather Oldham

Teacher of Ceramics & Art, Learning Support, Form Tutor 9 Oldham

Mr William Parker

Teacher of Art, Form Tutor 11 Stickland/Parker

Mr Geoff Pearce

Teacher of Music, Form Tutor 7 Pearce

Ms Karina Rechidi

Science Technician (P/T)

Mrs Charlotte Revie

Head of Drama, Assistant Head of Year 7

Mr Hugh Richardson

Teacher of Science

Ms Teresa Rodriguez

Teacher of French and Spanish

Mr Leo Samolis

Teacher of Science (Maternity Cover)

Mrs Charmalyn September

Teacher of English, Form Tutor 9 September, SENCO

Dr Mingyan Shao

Head of ICT and Computer Science, Form Tutor 10 Shao

Mr Trent Stickland

Teacher of Photography, Head of Visual Arts, Form Tutor 11 Stickland/Parker

Dr Ben Still

Teacher of Science, Form Tutor 11 Still

Dr Simon Wilkinson

Head of English

Mr Joshua Wilkinson

Teacher of PE, Form Tutor 11 Wilkinson

Miss Lydia Williams

Teacher of Latin & Classics, Form Tutor 11 Williams