The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

DofE at North Bridge House

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is one of many extra-curricular activities on offer at North Bridge House and is highly popular with our students. Every year, pupils embark on the programme with the help and supervision of our specially trained staff.

We believe that experiences beyond the classroom can really help to develop strength of character, which in turn, tends to enhance academic performance. The happiness and confidence found in activities that stretch students outside of their exercise books, provide a sense of achievement which motivates them in many aspects of life. DofE is a particularly rewarding programme in this respect, growing determination as students work towards progressive levels of achievement.

What is DofE?


There are three different levels of Duke of Edinburgh Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The increasingly challenging but rewarding programmes are designed for young people aged 13 to 24. Participants can choose to embark on any or all of the levels, so long as they meet the minimum age requirement. We offer students the opportunity to embark on DofE with the support of their friends and teachers, and begin with the Bronze Award, after which many choose to pursue Silver and Gold.


To achieve your Bronze and Silver Awards, you complete a personal programme of activities in four sections:

  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Skills
  • Expedition   

For the Gold Award, there is an additional Residential section.

Over the course of the programme, you will find yourself helping others, enhancing your health and fitness, developing new and existing skills, and going on an exciting expedition. Each section is designed to involve fun activities, provide new experiences, identify new talents and build friendships.

Why do DofE?

From the first day to the last, DofE is an adventure.  Providing escapism from the classroom but developing transferable skills, every section comes with a different challenge. You will learn to work both independently and as part of a team, pushing yourself to new but exciting limits. It is an opportunity to further yourself beyond your academic studies but with the familiar and knowledgeable help of your teachers, not to mention a chance to make memories you and your friends will have for life.

DofE is a great opportunity to make a difference to other people’s lives as well as your own, growing yourself within the community, and gaining recognition for volunteering work.

In working to achieve an Award, you will develop a new-found confidence and a view on life that employers, colleges and universities value and seek in their candidates. The skills you will develop are not only helpful life skills, but are indispensable in the workplace and recognised on UCAS applications.

Senior School Hampstead

Bronze Award 2016: Important Information

North Bridge House Senior School DofE Leader: Mr Hall


There will be a series of meetings for the NBH Senior DofE group with Mr Hall, who will be overseeing the Bronze Award programme. These meetings will give pupils the opportunity to:

  1. Provide regular updates on their progress, share their experiences and ideas, log paperwork and ask any questions they have.
  2. Make sure they have received and considered the necessary paperwork and equipment lists and that forms are completed.
  3. Set clear deadlines to ensure their evidence is logged in preparation for these meetings, in which progress will be checked.

eDofE Profiles

Please note that if you do not update your eDofE profilesregularly, the website will block you. It is therefore imperative that you keep on top of uploading information and do so regularly.

Training/Theory 8 Hour Session

Date: Saturday in Spring Term

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Location: NBH Senior School

Please bring a packed lunch, a pen and paper, and wear comfortable clothes.

Practice Expedition


Date: Friday 13th – Saturday 14th May 2016

Time: Coach departs NBH at 7.45am on Friday, returning at approx. 4.30pm on Saturday.

Location: Harlow, Essex

Please note pupils will be tired but must attend school on the Monday.

Assessment Expedition


Date: Thursday 16th – Friday 17th June 2016

Time: Coach departs NBH at 7.45am on Thursday and arrives back at approx. 4.00pm on Friday.

Location: North End, Essex

Please note pupils will be tired but must attend school on the Monday.





Click here to download the full Bronze Award information pack, containing details on each of the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections, equipment lists and forms for completion.

Please note that these costs are estimates and apply only to the Senior Schools’ 2016 Bronze DofE programme.

Enrollment This is paid to the school in September. £17 Cheque / cash
Expeditions (Training/Theory, Practise & Assessment) This includes all camping and cooking equipment as well as resources such as maps, compasses, etc. This is run by Mountainwise, a company that NBH have been using for many years. Circa £300


NBH invoice
Transport Coach travel to and from Essex for both practise and assessment expeditions. Circa £50


NBH invoice
TOTAL To be added to school invoice, excl. enrollment. Circa £350


NBH invoice

Senior School & Sixth Form Canonbury

Silver Award 2016: Important Information

North Bridge House Canonbury DofE Leader: Mr Stenning

Bronze / Silver DofE

All pupils who signed up to the Bronze Award have now successfully completed the expedition section and now working towards their Silver expedition.  

Equipment and Food

All equipment and food, including that provided by the school, will have to be carried by the pupils during their hike.  The group is collectively responsible for devising their own menu and for purchasing, bringing and carrying their food for the expedition.

Training Sessions

All pupils will be briefed on the health and safety implications, and the DofE training sessions will provide students with the necessary training in map reading and compass work.


Kit Distribution

Date: Monday 27th June 2016

Time: After school

Location: NBH Canonbury

Pupils will receive group kit (tents, trangias etc.) for the practice expedition.

Practice Expedition


Date: Tuesday 28th June – Thursday 30th June

Time: Meet at 8am on Tuesday at London Victoria train station, to where pupils will return on Thursday afternoon to travel home.

Location: North Downs, Surrey

Arriving at Tadworth, pupils will then hike to their campsite in Dorking on Tuesday, proceeding to Ockley on Wednesday and Holmwood on Thursday.