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Lord Robert Winston Conducts Live Human Experiment with NBH Pre-Prep Pupils

Years 1 and 2 Welcome Science Week Special Guest

North Bridge House Pre-Preparatory School’s Year 1 and 2 pupils were excited and honoured to welcome Lord Robert Winston to their assembly today. Lord Winston, British professor, medical doctor, scientist and television presenter, spoke to pupils about everything from the human body’s ability to conduct electricity to its cells and DNA.

To begin, Lord Winston performed a live human experiment with all of the Year 1 children, joining their hands in one big circle to produce a tiny electric current which, in turn, illuminated an LED. The children were fascinated to learn that our bodies are made up of about 70% water, which contains a lot of salt, and that salt water conducts electricity – producing the very current that passed through their hands.

The Professor welcomed questions on anything and everything and our budding young scientists were particularly keen to find out how he became a scientist, how many experiments he has done and which has been his favourite. He explained that he began his career as a doctor and having done hundreds of experiments, his favourite is always the one on which he is currently working.

With the Year 2 children, Professor Winston explored human body cells, right down to the nucleus which tells a cell whether it is going to become a brain cell, a lung cell, a skin cell… Our pupils were so inspired, they wanted to know just how many cells are in the human body and even asked if it is true that we have the same DNA as a banana – to which the Professor confirmed that, remarkably, about half of our DNA is the same as a cabbage or a banana.

Lord Winston truly delighted those of our children who had been particularly excited to meet him, signing and illustrating their copies of Utterly Amazing Science and Utterly Amazing Human Body (his own publications) that they had brought in from home especially. His visit tied in with North Bridge House Pre-Preparatory School’s ‘Science Week’ celebration, which has included a challenge from Lord Winston himself: to work in class groups to design a container in which an egg can be dropped from a metre high without breaking!

Our Science Week has also brought the Year 1 and 2 children together in mixed age groups to make lava lamps, musical instruments and to investigate optical illusions.

Today, Lord Winston not only thrilled the pupils with some amazing facts about the human body but endearingly told them:

“What’s much more important than being famous is helping people to understand the world and helping them to be good individuals – what you do and what you think and the way you behave is what really matters.”

Head Teacher Christine McLelland said:

“Science is an important part of the curriculum at NBH Pre-Prep and we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to have Lord Winston here today to talk to the children – the professor has such a natural talent of engaging with the children and I could see that they were all so intrigued and inspired by what he had to say to them.”


See many more photos from the event or watch Instagram footage below.


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