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NBH Hampstead’s Record Performance in the UKMT Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 6 March, four North Bridge House Senior Hampstead students swapped their broad school timetable for an entire day of maths at the UKMT’s Team Challenge Regional Final. One of 30 teams competing with students from Years 8 and 9 across London, Manus, Freya, Cyrus and Lara were placed the highest in North Bridge House history.

This year, our keen mathematicians travelled to host school, City of London to compete in four challenging rounds: the group round, crossnumber, shuttle and relay.

“In the first round, we all worked as a group to solve ten questions which varied in a difficulty. We had to quickly develop a strategy to solve the questions between us in the time limit,” Manus said.

The crossnumber round was similar to a crossword but with numerical answers. Each team split into two to work in pairs; one pair had the across clues and the other pair had the down clues.

Teams continued to work in pairs for the shuttle round, which saw the 30 schools compete against the clock to correctly answer a series of four questions. It was not quite as easy as that, though. With Pair A working on Questions 1 and 3 and Pair B working on Questions 2 and 4, Question 1 could be solved independently but the answer to each subsequent question was dependent on the previous answer.

The final relay round was ideal for our aspiring footballer, Freya, who is used to running around the pitch for Reading FC. The teams’ pairs had to take it in turns to solve problems, racing up and down to one another against the clock.

North Bridge House Senior Hampstead students ended up in well-deserved fourth place – a great achievement for the school and impressive victory over another 26 tough London school teams!

Congratulations to City of London School who took the title on home ground.

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