Pre-Prep Extra Curricular Music

Pre-Prep Extra Curricular Music

Music is a large part of the vibrant life at North Bridge House and is celebrated both within and beyond the curriculum. Across North Bridge House Nursery and Pre-Prep Schools, we host a colourful variety of concerts and performances, which grow children’s confidence and wow audiences of family and friends.

Children enjoy regular music lessons from the beginning of Nursery School, thriving on the opportunity to further develop their skills during classes, choir sessions and instrumental practice at the Pre-Prep. Here we offer expert music tuition in addition to pupils’ curricular lessons, encouraging their growth of character and enriching their all-round educational experience.

Music tuition is available for the following instruments at NBH Pre-Prep:

  • Fife – individual lessons with Mrs Feild
  • Mini Bassoon – individual lessons with Mrs Feild
  • Piano – individual lessons with Mrs Cervi
  • Recorder – group lessons with Mrs Feild
  • Ukulele – group lessons with Mrs Feild
  • Violin – individual lessons with Miss Forder

Piano lessons are highly popular at North Bridge House and available for children in Years 1 and 2. From improving maths and counting skills to developing reading comprehension, learning the piano has many benefits in addition to the skill itself.

The cost for individual piano tuition is £240 per term per child.

Ukulele lessons are a great opportunity for children in Years 1 and 2, who have shown a keen interest in learning the instrument during curricular music. Children will learn simple chords to strum along to well-known songs and build musicianship skills in a fun and sociable environment. Children will need to own a ukulele, which can be purchased very reasonably at all good music stores and online.

The cost for group ukulele tuition is £90 per term per child.

Woodwind Instrumental Lessons

It used to be the case that a child who wanted to learn a woodwind instrument would have to wait until they were big enough to manage a full-sized one. Nowadays there are many excellent beginner and short-reach models on the market, so that children as young as 6 or 7 can start lessons and be quite accomplished by the time they leave Prep School!

Woodwind lessons are taken by Mrs Feild, who studied Music at the Royal College of Music, London, and prior to joining North Bridge House, was a busy freelance orchestral musician and instrumental teacher, specialising in bassoon and flute.

Year 2 children have the opportunity to have individual lessons on the fife – a lightweight, plastic, side-blown flute, without all the complicated key work of a standard flute. Children will quickly be able to manage standard flute fingerings, play simple tunes and eventually be able to take an ABRSM Music Medal by the time they have left the Pre-Prep School. Progression on to a short-reach or standard flute will soon follow, with children being able to join orchestras and bands at NBH Prep School. Fifes can be purchased quite cheaply from reputable music shops, and Mrs Feild is happy to give advice.

The cost for individual fife tuition is £240 per term per child.

If your child is interested in something a little bigger, then the mini-bassooon may be just the instrument! Mrs Feild is a professional bassoonist, who has performed with many well-known orchestras and has taught bassoon from beginner level through to Grade 8 and beyond. The bassoon has become something of a rarity in recent years, and Mrs Feild is keen to generate some bassoon-players at North Bridge House Pre-Prep. There is an abundance of playing opportunities for young bassoonists, and conservatoires such as the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music are always looking out for promising players to join their Junior Departments on Saturdays. Mini-bassoons are usually best rented from TW Howarth’s on Chiltern Street, NW1.

The cost for individual mini-bassoon tuition is £240 per term.

For children in Year 1, small group (2 or 3 children) tuition on the recorder is an excellent starting point for any child wishing to play a woodwind or brass instrument later on. Small group tuition provides opportunities for collaborative learning, ensemble skills and fun.

The cost for small group recorder tuition is £120 per term per child.

Year 1 and 2 children have the opportunity to have individual lessons on the violin – a fantastic instrument for improving memory and attention span as well as enhancing sensory development. Many young children who take up the violin often become fascinated with learning the instrument, and Miss Forder is a highly experienced and friendly face at North Bridge House Pre-Prep, with whom the children enjoy developing their skillset.

The cost for individual violin tuition is £240 per term.

Book Instrumental Music Lessons

Please re-apply each year: each academic year requires a fresh application, even if lessons were being given the previous year.

Please click to read the terms and conditions for important billing information, including when and how you are billed, and complete the form below to book one-to-one music lessons at the Pre-Prep School.

Music lessons are timetabled on a strict rotation basis to ensure that the pupil does not miss the same lesson every week. It remains the responsibility of the student to catch up on any class work missed while attending the music lesson. Parents are unable to request set-time lessons for their child if they are wishing to have instrumental lessons during school time. Set-lessons can only be given to pupils before or after school – depending on the availability of the teacher. Rotation of lessons is the fairest method for both pupils and their class teachers. Pupils/parents are required to give a minimum of one week’s notice if they need to cancel or alter a lesson for whatever reason (other than illness). Should you wish your child to withdraw from individual music lessons altogether, then a full half term’s notice in writing is required.

Music Tuition - Pre-Prep 2020/2021

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Sign up for Year 2 choir

If your child is a regular and committed singer in the Year 2 choir or would like to become so, please add their name to the form below. Choir rehearsal times are 8.30am on Wednesdays and 3pm on Thursdays. Attendance to one or both of these is required. There is no fee for this activity; the form is purely to provide clarity for the school around attendance.

Year 2 Choir

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