Prep Extra Curricular Clubs

Spring Term 2017 Timetable


Clubs begin: w/c 9th January 2017
Clubs end: w/c 20th March 2017
NoteClubs will not run during the week of half term

Find the times and booking details of break time and after schools clubs at the Prep School in the table below, or scroll down for more information on what’s new this term.

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As well as after school clubs, we offer music tuition during the school day. To find out more about one-to-one music lessons or to book tuition, click here.

DayClubTimeProviderPrice per termBooking (closed)
MonChess (breaktime) - Year 410:40-11:30Chess Coaching Services£75Book now
MonChess (breaktime) - Year 312:20-13:10Chess Coaching Services£75Book now
MonBoys' Sports - Year 3 & 416:05-17:05NBH£65Book now
MonClassics Club16:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
MonCookery - Year 5 & 616:05-17:05NBH & Thomas Franks£125Book now
MonHockey Club - Year 4-6 (transport provided to NBH Senior, Hampstead)16:05-18:00NBH£100Book now
MonMask Making Club - Year 3-616:05-17:05NBH£100Book now
MonMaths Club - Year 4-616:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
MonSinger Songwriter Club16:05-17:05NBH£75Book now
MonScience Crest Award Club - Year 6-816:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
MonHomework Club*16:30-17:05NBH£10 / sessionSchool office
TuesChess (breaktime) - Year 6 10:40-11:30Chess Coaching Services£75Book now
TuesElite Chess (breaktime) - Year 5 invite only11:05-11:55Chess Coaching Services£100Invite only
TuesAirfix Model Making Club - Year 4-816:05-17:05NBH£125Book now
TuesBallet 16:05-17:05Regal Ballet£156Book now
TuesBoys' Sports - Year 5-816:05-17:05NBH£65Book now
TuesFlamenco & Salsa Dancing - Year 4 & 516:05-17:05NBH£100Book now
TuesMathletics & Problem Solving - Year 3-516:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
TuesHomework Club*16:30-17:05NBH£10 / sessionSchool office
Weds3D Club - Year 3 & 416:05-17:05NBH£125Book now
WedsAdvanced Chess - Year 5-816:05-17:05Ms Manelidou£125Book now
WedsBoys Drama Club - Year 6-816:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
WedsCapoeira16:05-17:05Xercise4Life£110Book now
WedsComputer Club - Year 3-516:05-17:05NBH£30Book now
WedsDrama Club - Year 3-516:05-17:05Allsorts Drama£125Book now
WedsHistory Club - Year 6-816:05-17:05NBH£30Book now
WedsTable Tennis - Year 5-816:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
WedsHomework Club*16:30-17:05NBH£10 / sessionSchool office
ThursElite Chess (breaktime) - Year 4 invite only10:15-11:05Chess Coaching Services£100Invite only
ThursChess (breaktime) - Year 7 & 810:40-11:30Chess Coaching Services£100Book now
ThursConstruction Club - Year 3 & 416:05-17:05NBH£50Book now
ThursCookery - Year 3 & 416:05-17:05NBH & Thomas Franks£125Book now
ThursGirls' Football Club - Year 5 & 616:05-17:05NBH £60Book now
ThursSchool Orchestra & Brass Band16:05-17:05NBHFREEBook now
ThursStreet Dance - Year 4-616:05-17:05Innovation Dance£125Book now
ThursTextiles Club - Year 5 & 616:05-17:05NBH£125Book now
ThursTouch Typing Course16:05-17:05Ms Bamberg£200Book now
ThursHomework Club*16:30-17:05NBH£10 / sessionSchool office
FriElite Chess - Year 6-8 invite only08:10-08:55Chess Coaching Services£100Invite only
FriChess (breaktime) - Year 513:10-14:00Chess Coaching Services£75Book now
FriElite Chess - Year 3 invite only14:00-14:50 Chess Coaching Services£100Invite only
FriBeginners Chess - Year 3 & 416:05-17:05Chess Coaching Services£75Book now

* any pupil who is not collected from School by 16:15 will be sent to Homework Club, however, parents will only be charged for use of the service after 16:30.

NBH Introducing: Spring 2017 Clubs

This term we are introducing some exciting new clubs as well as returning with some very popular activities that we launched last term:


3D Club

Pupils will be taught a wide range of 3D skills including the use of clay, cardboard and the creation of textures.


Airfix Model Making Club

Pupils will be given an Airfix model to build from scratch, carefully gluing each piece together over the 10 week course and painting the final masterpiece.


Boys Drama Club

Drama club will be a warm up of Drama games and a combination of improvisation based on set tasks week to week or a reading of some text, followed by discussion and then rehearsed and performed. There will be a continuous theme over a few weeks, plus pupils are encouraged to bring their own material to share with the group and work towards a final piece at the end of each term.


Classics Club

Classics club is a great opportunity for pupils to learn more about the language, art, history, mythology and ancient geography of the ancient Greeks and Romans. At the same time as supplementing the current Common Entrance curriculum, this club is a great enrichment activity for history and language classes. It will also be of particular interest to those who are looking for a forum to share similar interests. Roman History and Roman Entertainment will be thoroughly discussed. A number of activities will keep the pupils entertained while learning, such as vocabulary games and competitions, card games, Roman Backgammon (tabula) and art projects on mythological topics. They will also be encouraged to present and discuss a topic of their interest. We also aim to prepare for the ‘Ludi Scaenici, the Latin drama competition held annually at Westminster School.


Computer Club

A session where we will explore a range of apps and create things like e-books, comic strips and stop-motion animation.  We will also work with some coding.


Construction Club

Construction club is based around bumper boxes of Lego. The children have the opportunity to work in pairs and groups to achieve a construction aim, which is usually set around a new task each week.  The merits and possible structural drawbacks of the finished pieces are then carefully considered and discussed within the group. On occasion, other materials may be used for the construction task. As well learning from the building process, the children also develop through team work and project analysis.


Flamenco and Salsa Dancing

Fun, feisty and, above all, passionate, Flamenco dancing focuses on feeling the moves. The dance is originally from Andalusia in Southern Spain. In this Flamenco Beginners course you will pick up the essential foot/heel rhythms, posture, strength and body control, as well as learning hand movements and expression.
Salsa Classes further provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin America and experience this global dance phenomenon. This is your chance to master essential Salsa steps in a fun, friendly and energetic environment!


Girls’ Football Club

If you love football, this club is for you. Club members will build on various ball skills such as passing, dribbling , shooting, and tackling, as well as enjoy team games.


Girls’ Hockey Club

We are super excited to be offering a Hockey club for the first time at North Bridge House Prep. Pupils will learn new skills, play games and learn new rules! It will be a great opportunity for all pupils to play fun hockey matches in the fantastic sports hall at NBH Senior School.


History Club

History Club allows students with a keen interest in History to broaden the key skills they practice in class. We do this through presentations, group work and individual development of historical concepts. Recently, students worked on raising both money and awareness on behalf of the British Legion. This coincided with a trip to the battlefields of Belgium and France to mark the centenary anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. The Spring term will entail another focus to mark pertinent historical milestones.


Mask Making Club

Teaching pupils to build a range of masks from various cultures.


Maths Club

Pupils will develop their level of Maths skills and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities and mock competitions. Pupils will cooperatively work to complete logic and Math puzzles.


School Orchestra / Brass Band

This group rehearses for concerts throughout the year (all instruments welcome except piano) and so Grade 1 /general competency in both playing and reading the music is a pre-requisite.  We explore classical and popular repertoire; recent performances have included pieces such as Dr Who, Adiemus, The Carnival of the Animals, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme tune and many more…


Singer Songwriter Club

The Singer Songwriter Club aims to encourage children to write and perform their own songs, focusing on lyric writing, melody and performance. Over the weeks pupils will build up a portfolio of their work and progress from writing a few lines of a song to writing a verse, chorus and bridge. The children are taught vocal and breathing techniques in the first part of each session. They will work individually and in groups, exploring a new topic each week. We will look at rhythm, dynamics, structure, genre, pitch, tone, harmony and improvisation.


Textiles Club

An especially great opportunity for pupils who are keen to work in the fabric or fashion industry, this club teaches various textile creation and decoration skills.


Touch Typing

Keyboards are part of everyday life but many adults and children can only pick and peck at the keys. This slows them down . Unfortunately pressure on the curriculum result in the demand for regular touch Typing lessons which are invaluable .
Touch Typing can support both adults and children with specific learning difficulties, visual problems and handwriting difficulties. It supports clarity and presentation of work, speed of input as well as spelling rules and patterns. Typing takes away the mental and physical pressure for reluctant writers and the acquired skills promote confidence and sentence structure.
Children can take charge of their own independent learning from the start of the course and the challenges presented can easily be monitored by parents.