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Magic, Music & Matilda in the Prep’s Revolting Children

From the pages of the Roald Dahl classic to the stage of the North Bridge House spectacular, Matilda never fails to wow her audience. Adapted for the Prep School’s latest production, Revolting Children, and equipped with a sensational cast and crew, the intelligent little girl and some 100 more of our talented performers thrilled, tickled and moved family and friends.

Across two shows with two talented lineups – starring pupils from all year groups – the story of Matilda unfolded to well-known songs by Tim Minchin as well as originals by our own Miss Greenham, beautifully played by our Prep School musicians.

Discarded and belittled by her dim-witted family, Matilda seems to leave bad for worse when she is met by the outrageous Miss Trunchbull on her first day of school. However, together with her new found classmates and their adoring teacher, Miss Honey, Matilda proves that not all ‘children are maggots’, and dares to take a stand against the unjust forces of her wicked family and headmistress. As weird and wonderful things begin to happen from the power of her great mind, Matilda’s world becomes as exciting as those she loves to read about.

With a whole backstage crew of pupils working on lighting, costume, hair and makeup, the cast shone in every aspect of their performance. Pupils relished the opportunity to have such creative input into the show, supporting and directing their fellow actors and representing the school’s broad provision for the arts, commended in our recent outstanding inspection report:

‘through its provision for subjects such as art, drama, music and sport, the many trips and visits undertaken and the very broad-ranging extra-curricular programme […]; the educational experiences of pupils are significantly enhanced, so that they gain a very rich rounded educational experience.’ (School Inspection Services, December 2015)

We hope that our chapel-full of audience members enjoyed the show as much as we did and congratulate everyone involved on their fantastic efforts.



  • Nikita Crabb
  • Quin Hungerford
  • Marie Motelay
  • Ava Dluzniak
  • Eleanora Dusmugambetova
  • Ruby Staples
  • Dilyara Tuyakbay


  • Thomas Pemberton
  • Josh Shah
  • Jack Gosden


  • Shlomo Levy
  • Eli Joshi


  • Ana–Maria Andritoiu (Piano)
  • Jo Dawson (Strings)
  • Jonny Colgan (Drums)
  • Jonny Martin (Bass)
  • Shlomo Levy(Violin)



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