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Prep Clubs Timetable

Prep Clubs Timetable

Autumn Term 2020 Timetable

Autumn Term 2020 bookings are now closed.

Clubs will start the week commencing 14 September 2020 and will finish the week commencing 7 December 2020.

No clubs during half term.

Covid 19 Update: In order to minimise risk, during the current term at least, after school clubs / trips may vary from schedule and will be run within year group bubbles, with no mixing between year groups.

DayClubTimeProviderPrice per term Booking
MonBreakfast Club07:30-08:15NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
MonArchitecture Club - Year 4-816:05-17:05 Archimake£135 Book now
MonBallet16:05-17:05Regal Ballet£162Book now with provider
MonFencing Club - Year 4-816:05-17:05 Xercise4Life£160 Book now
MonItalian - All Years16:05-17:05NBH£60Book now
MonMaths Club - Year 4-6 16:05-17:05 NBH£60 Book now
MonSinger Songwriter Club - Year 3-5 16:05-17:05 NBH£80 Book now
MonNetball Club - Year 3-4 16:00-17:05NBH£130Book now
MonHomework Club* 16:05-17:05 NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
MonTea Time Club17:05-18:00NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
TuesBreakfast Club07:30-08:15NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
TuesYoga Club (before school) - Year 3-67:45-8:25NBH£125Book now
TuesDrawing Club - Year 3-516:05-17:05 NBH£80Book now
TuesFootball Club - Year 3-416:00-17:05 NBH£130 Book now
TuesKarate - All years16:05-17:05 Xercise4Life£110Book now
TuesMandarin Club - All years 16:05-17:05 NBH£135Book now
TuesMother Nature Science Club - Year 3-516:05-17:05 Mother Nature Science£160Book now
TuesDrama Club - Year 6-816:05-17:05NBH£60Book now
TuesHomework Club* 16:05-17:05 NBH £10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
TuesTea Time Club17:05-18:00NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
WedsBreakfast Club07:30-08:15NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
Weds Capoeira - All years16:05-17:05 Xercise4Life £130 Book now
Weds Computer Club - Year 3-5 16:05-17:05 NBH £60 Book now
Weds Drama Club - Year 3-5 16:05-17:05 Allsorts Drama £135 Book now
WedsGreek Club - Year 7-816:05-17:05NBH£60Book now
Weds Model-Making: Warhammer - Year 6-816:05-17:05 NBH£135 Book now
WedsNetball Club - Year 5-616:00-17:05 NBH£130Book now
Weds Table Tennis - Year 5-8 16:05-17:05 NBH £60 Book now
Weds Young Artist Business Venture - Year 3-416:05-17:05 NBH £135 Book now
Weds Homework Club* 16:05-17:05 NBH £10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
Weds Tea Time Club17:05-18:00NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
ThursBreakfast Club07:30-08:15NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
ThursArt EXTRA - Year 5-816:05-17:05NBH£135Book now
Thurs Boxercise Club - All years16:05-17:05 Xercise4Life£80 Book now
ThursFootball Club - Year 5-616:00-17:05NBH£130Book now
ThursSports Club - Year 3-516:00-17:05NBH£60Book now
ThursStreet Dance Club - Year 4-616:05-17:05Xercise4Life£135Book now
Thurs Touch Typing - All years16:05-17:05 Xercise4Life£245 Book now
Thurs Homework Club* 16:05-17:05 NBH £10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
ThursTea Time Club17:05-18:00NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required
FriBreakfast Club07:30-08:15NBH£10 / sessionDrop-in - no booking required

* any pupil who is not collected from School by 16:15 will be sent to Homework Club, however, parents will only be charged for use of the service after 16:30.

NBH Introducing: 2020-21 Clubs

This academic year we are introducing some exciting new clubs as well as returning with some very popular activities that we launched last term. Find out more about those newly featuring below.

NEW Breakfast Club & Teatime Club

We are delighted to announce that we will be starting a breakfast and teatime club starting from September 2020 for those students that need wraparound care around the school day. In these clubs’ children will be provided with a healthy balanced breakfast in the morning, with a choice of fruit, cereal and toast, and a light evening tea.

Breakfast Club: 07:30 – 08:15 (Every weekday)

Teatime Club: 17:00 – 18:00* (Monday – Thursday)

The cost of these clubs would be charged per use at £10 per session and run on a drop-in basis to cater for ad-hoc provision when you need it.

*please note from 16:00-17:00 children would need to be in another extra-curricular club or attend homework club


Archimake award winning design workshops build creativity and design confidence in children and enable enhanced drawing, making, written and verbal communication skills. By the end of each term children develop their own impressive urban design project, having been introduced to the skills that architects and engineers master, such as creativity, logic, reasoning, physics, proportion and problem solving. Research shows that children who are creatively confident believe that they can make a positive difference in society.


Boxercise includes aspects of boxing training but not sparring. Using focus pads / mitts is the most popular style.  The classes involve group exercise, warm-ups and working as partners using gloves and pads to go through boxing combinations of Jab, Hook, Cross and Uppercut. There is also a focus on the correct stances Orthodox and Southpaw.


It is an art form, a game from Brazil combining movements of martial arts, animals flow, self-defence, dance, contact improvisation, acrobatics and music.

Workout and Benefits: Capoeira is all about combinations of different types of exercises and movement. You can work in pairs with pre-combined movements of attack and defence, coupled with the use of handstands and cartwheels. Your fitness level will increase from the very first class and after a few sessions you might be surprised at what you can do. Your mobility will improve, and it helps with your self-esteem, confidence, endurance, strength and power.

Capoeira sessions work in a friendly, fun and positive environment where the participants are part of a team and they help each other during the routine. There is no right or wrong way in performing Capoeira. During the sessions the participants can find different ways to do the movements and learn more about their personal goals and challenges.

Computer Club

A session where we will explore a range of apps and create things like e-books, comic strips and stop-motion animation.  We will also work with some coding.


At cookery club we aim to teach children the basics of cookery, food hygiene and health and safety. The club runs three times a week on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
The children will learn basic bread recipes, such as how to make focaccia and pizza.
There is also a session where we make fresh pasta and the children get to take home the final product.

We run food tasting which is very popular; the children can taste all different kinds of cheeses and have a discussion about them.

There are also lots of fun classes, favourites of which include learning the basics of patisserie, scones, cookies, sponge and cupcakes. The Halloween class is fantastic with lots of spooky biscuits and the Christmas one with yummy cakes.

We also run healthy eating classes where the children learn how to make basic salads, and learn about vegetarian  recipes and “free from” recipes.

Drama Games

Years 6, 7 and 8 can be a little daunting what with gaining lots of new knowledge, preparing for exams and considering new schools. Everyone needs somewhere to let off some steam and have some fun! Look no further than Drama Games on Tuesday nights. Students will have the chance to play games, work with their peers and basically have some fun. Using our newly built drama studio it will be a great chance to forget about the pressure that upper school life can sometimes bring. If you have any more questions please email

Drawing Club

The drawing club aims to develop students artistically by immersing them in a creative programme that integrates core visual skills.

We discuss the work of artists and show examples, encouraging questions and comments from the students, who will develop a visual dictionary in their mind, remembering the intricacies of an object by visualising it.

We also learn to visually rotate objects and understand perspective and proportion by using touch and sight. Through this club, students will:

  • improve dexterity and take control of pencil or different media and techniques
  • create complex pictures by drawing increasingly difficult shapes
  • create more detailed artwork and notice the patterns that make up the world
  • learn through patterns, shapes and textures.


Fencing is a fantastic activity for young people. Its ancient origins mean that traditional values of good behaviour, sportsmanship, respect and good manners are at the heart of what is being taught.

Workout & Benefits: Fencing is a sport that will deliver a lot of physical benefits, such as strength and endurance. Fencing involves constant footwork and therefore it requires participants to move quickly, with lightness of the feet and flexibility. Fencing involves many attacks and counterattacks; this improves your muscular endurance; it uses both the lower body and upper body. The mind comes into play as well because strategy, tactics and all-round mental agility is required. Fencing is the European martial art that is often referred to as a game of chess with a sword.


Football club will take place at NBH Senior School. The session will be set up so that pupils are given an opportunity to develop their football skillset whilst also having a lot of fun. This will be achieved through a variety of fun skill development activities and small-sided games. As the club is run in the gym, emphasis will be placed on ball control.


Karate is an incredible martial art that teaches you to be in harmony with your mind and body; it is more than self-defence. With Karate you can improve your mental agility, build your self-confidence, improve your teamwork skills, and it is a healthy activity where you can get rid of excess energy.

Workout & Benefits: In a karate class, you will be taught how think about your actions. You are shown how to stretch correctly to help with flexibility and to prevent injuries. You are taught how to defend yourself with punches, kicks, takedowns and sparring. You will also learn how to flip and perform crazy style kicks that you never thought you could possibly learn! There are endless and exciting things you can learn while doing a karate class. There are many tournaments that you can compete in that take place all over the world if you want to take Karate to another level. If you would like to become a better version of yourself then karate is definitely for you!


Mandarin has been introduced as a curricular subject for Years 6-8 at the Prep School this academic year and Mandarin Club is run be our school Mandarin teacher. This club offers children in Years 3-5 the chance to learn the language too. Children will learn Chinese culture through different activities, and learn how to speak Mandarin within topics that relate to their daily life. This is a great opportunity for children to become familiar with Mandarin ahead of studying it as a curricular subject, as well as to have fun and experience learning a new language.


The purpose of Maths Club is to develop students’ level of mathematical skills and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions. Pupils will cooperatively work to complete logic and maths puzzles. Maths club will also support classroom learning, enrich their skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future math competitions.

Please contact me at with any questions.

Mother Nature Science

Mother Nature Science Clubs help children to better to understand the world around them. With new topics every term, we explore a wide variety of scientific concepts across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to the National Curriculum and supplement STEM primary learning. During each fun and educational weekly one hour session, children observe an exciting demonstration, enquire about the science behind it and then engage in hands-on activity to confirm their findings. Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session telling them what their child has done and other experiments to continue the science at home. Our sessions are designed to inspire children of all abilities to have a love of science both in and out of school.


The netball session will be set up so that pupils are given an opportunity to develop their netball skillset whilst also having a lot of fun. This will be achieved through a variety of fun skill development activities and small-sided games. Emphasis will be placed on ball handling (catch and pass) along with attacking and defending.

School Orchestra

With Ms Dawson, Head of Music; Mr Colgan, Percussion Teacher; Mr Webster, Woodwind Teacher; and Mr Maxwell, Brass Teacher.

School Orchestra is open to pupils who already play and learn an orchestral instrument.  The orchestra rehearses towards concerts throughout the year and so commitment is required from participants. Pupils are expected to be able to read from notation. As a guide, we look for instrumentalists to be Grade 1 plus. Instruments include: violin, viola, cello, double-bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba. (The orchestra is also open to pianists who read music and would like to play percussion).

Singer Songwriter Club

The Singer Songwriter Club aims to encourage children to write and perform their own songs, focusing on lyric writing, melody and performance. Over the weeks pupils will build up a portfolio of their work and progress from writing a few lines of a song to writing a verse, chorus and bridge. The children are taught vocal and breathing techniques in the first part of each session. They will work individually and in groups, exploring a new topic each week. We will look at rhythm, dynamics, structure, genre, pitch, tone, harmony and improvisation.

Street Dance

Street Dance is fun, exciting, positive, and an upbeat way of expressing yourself through dance and performance. Dancing to the latest music, incorporating creative and funky moves.

Workout & Benefits: If you are interested in dance and like moving to pop, hip hop or house music, then you should try Street Dance. It is a dance style that allows you to be individual and bring your own style and personality. You will learn new and different dance skills with exciting routines that will enable you to express yourself with moves to the latest music. Street Dance also has health benefits, as it is a fun way of exercising and you improve your coordination, mobility. It can build your confidence in working with other participants, and doing routines also make you feel part of a team.

Touch Typing

Keyboards are part of everyday life but many adults and children can only pick and peck at the keys. This slows them down . Unfortunately pressure on the curriculum result in the demand for regular touch Typing lessons which are invaluable .
Touch Typing can support both adults and children with specific learning difficulties, visual problems and handwriting difficulties. It supports clarity and presentation of work, speed of input as well as spelling rules and patterns. Typing takes away the mental and physical pressure for reluctant writers and the acquired skills promote confidence and sentence structure.
Children can take charge of their own independent learning from the start of the course and the challenges presented can easily be monitored by parents.

Year 3-5 Drama

Drama club in the Autumn Term involves a mix of drama games, short scenes and improvisations. It would give anyone the chance to explore themes and ideas through drama skills and is good practice for any drama study in the future.

Young Artists Business Venture

Starting an art business venture is a great way for children to learn real life skills and build confidence, as well as develop an understanding of what they will need to do be a successful young entrepreneur.

Also, along with running a business, your child will need to understand some basic math, computer skills, creative practice etc.

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