Scholarships & Bursaries

Senior School & Sixth Form Scholarships


We offer a range of scholarships to North Bridge House Canonbury applicants, with up to 100% off fees for exceptional students. Worthy candidates will not only demonstrate excellence in their specific field, but will also sport a proactive attitude towards school life as a whole. North Bridge House scholars are expected to act as ambassadors for the school both academically and recreationally, upholding exemplary behaviour and leading their peers in extra-curricular and enrichment activities.


Academic Scholarships

We automatically invite students who do exceedingly well in their admissions assessment to interview for an Academic Scholarship – there is no need to apply. The interview will give us a chance to learn more about their academic attainment and dedication to date, and what they hope to achieve at North Bridge House Canonbury.


Performing Arts Scholarships

Awarded to students who are talented in Music and / or Drama.

Drama Scholarships recognise students with a dedicated interest in the theatre, acting, directing, performing or other roles. Candidates will be asked to perform a 1-2 minute dialogue from a published play for our Head of Drama, and will have a chance to speak about their experiences in the Performing Arts.

Music Scholarship candidates will be invited to audition with the Head of Music, and to talk about any groups with which they are involved, special concerts or performances in which they have played, and their musical grade achievements.

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Further to the assessment taken by all North Bridge House Canonbury applicants, those applying or recommended for scholarships will be invited in for an additional review. This takes place on a rolling basis throughout the year, or for September 2018 entry onward, in the January/February prior to intake.


To apply for a scholarship, please complete and return the application form to, or call 020 7428 1520 for more information.



In addition to our Scholarship Programme, North Bridge House offers bursaries on a limited basis. While we do our best to support existing families whose circumstances change, we are open to review prospective families’ financial situations. Please contact the Bursar on 020 7267 6266 (option 6) or via, who will provide a Financial Aid form upon request. The completed form is then reviewed by the Bursar and the Business Manager.