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We are Proud: NBH Senior makes colourful statement for charity

Friday 29 June saw a festival of ‘Pride’ at North Bridge House Senior Hampstead, as staff and students dug deep into their wardrobes to find the most vibrant garments possible and ‘show their colours’ for the renowned LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) charity, Stonewall.

The rules were simple: Be fun, not boring; avoid black, beige, brown or white; and dress to impress. Prizes were awarded for Best Dressed, with lucky winners receiving a ‘rainbow ticket’ which invited them up on stage during an assembly delivered by teachers, Ms Harney, Mr Bolle and the NBH Pride and Diversity Student Council.

The assembly – a celebration of what NBH Senior Hampstead is proud of and why – saw students from the Pride and Diversity Council address the whole school, explaining the history of the Pride parade and the reason for wearing bright colours, whilst introducing them to inspirational voices from the LGBT community.

Year 8 student and NBH Pride and Diversity Council member, Annabelle said:

“I am proud to be an ally and support my friends.”

A follow-up to last term’s assembly in honour of LGBT History Month, the event encouraged students to raise money for Stonewall, the charity that inspired Ms Harney and Mr Bolle to found the NBH Pride and Diversity Council after training with the organisation last year.

Mr Bolle said:

“I am proud of how schools are moving forward and changing, because the teachers here didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate LGBT culture like this when we were at school.”

Members of the audience also shared their own reasons for being proud, which included the ability to be open about their sexuality, and to live in a country that accepts all nationalities.

At the end of the assembly the ‘best dressed’ students were awarded their prizes, which included colourless skittles. Year 10 student Alex explained that:

“Each year, Skittles celebrates Pride by taking away the colour of skittles to show how boring the world would be without diversity and a rainbow of colours.”

Headteacher Mr Pavey closed the event, expressing his pride for the students who had spoken with such power and clarity in front of the whole school. The day was a real celebration of LGBT culture, diversity and inclusion at North Bridge House, summed up beautifully by Year 8 student Gabby:

“I’m proud to be at a school that is so open and celebrates diversity.”

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