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Year 1 Parents & Pupils Experience the Benefits of a Prep School Education

Introducing the future Prep generation

On Monday 27th November, the Year 1 Pre-Prep children swapped their homely classrooms for a morning in the Prep School’s grand former convent. Arriving on the school bus, the children were met by our very welcoming Prep pupil concierges and Deputy Head, Mrs Job, before experiencing the immersive Prep School curriculum first-hand.

Each class got to try two taster activities, rotating around lessons in Sport, Science, Music, Drama, ICT and Art.  From experimenting with invisible ink in science and contrasting shapes in art, to learning how to channel controlled energy in drama, the Year 1 children were inspired by the breadth of the Prep School curriculum and really enjoyed meeting the teachers. Prep prefects further encouraged the children in each of their sessions, making them feel welcome and helping with the various activities.

But why Prep?

Whilst the Year 1 children enjoyed their taster morning, Mr Bibby talked parents through the benefits of a Prep School education. The Prep School Head explained why he firmly believes that NBH Prep primes each child for the right school – for the best schools in the country – according to their strengths, interests and personality.

More and more children are becoming stressed and exhausted as anxiety-ridden parents are getting them tutored for 4+, 5+ and 7+ entry to prestigious schools, trying to give their sons and daughters the best futures. Despite parents’ honourable intentions, this process can not only deny children of their childhood but limit their exposure to a wealth of academic benefits.

“After all, the child and school need to be as good a fit as possible in order for the child to be happy and contented at the school and it is only a happy child who will truly achieve his/her potential and thrive, no matter how ambitious the parent.” (Mums in the Wood)

Results without stress

At NBH Prep School, children are given the time and expertise to become confident in themselves, in the curriculum, in their ability and in their exams. Whether it’s 11+ testing for girls or the 13+ Common Entrance process for boys, come their exams, children are prepared, focused and most importantly, unfazed. Having been able to develop their own way of learning whilst, in every subject, stretched and challenged further than in a junior school setting, NBH Prep pupils are ready for their examinations, knowing the outcome will result in the right senior school for them.

It is only at 11/13 that you can really start to understand what the right learning environment is for each child and that you can be totally confident in the school that’s right for them – and indeed that they will get into it! At NBH Prep, every pupil passes the girls’ 11+ or boys’ Common Entrance and the transition is a smooth one because of the school’s extensive senior links and open dialogue with parents.

Gain a unique level of maturity

Alongside, the broad yet bespoke curriculum – tailored to the individual and to their senior school pathway i.e. Westminster Scholarship (one of the boys’ Common Entrance classes) – children are fully integrated into a rich extra-curricular programme which sees them gain a unique level of maturity, grow in character and flourish as individuals. This is key to their senior school experience as when they come to join their 11+ and 13+ destinations, they have developed the self-awareness and leadership skills that have come with being top of the Prep School.

Joe Brown, former NBH pupil from Reception through to Year 8, joined Mr Bibby’s talk whilst back at the school as a teaching assistant before starting his teaching degree. Having taken the NBH Prep Common Entrance route and successfully joined City of London Boys, Joe is a firm advocate of the school:

“NBH Prep kids end up happy. This is a school that gives you more. It’s about the individual and yet everyone you’re with at the same time. Nobody is left to struggle and everyone has the chance to succeed because they’re not obsessed by exams here… The results just come naturally.”

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