Year 2’s Young Composers

In the Autumn term, Year 2 got to know some famous classical composers. We listened to pieces by Dvorak, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Grieg, and talked about the similarities and differences between them.

This term, we have built on our knowledge and spent the last few weeks becoming young composers ourselves! We began by practising how to transcribe rhythms that Mr Jones played on a drum, using our whiteboards. Then we wrote our own 1-bar rhythms and clapped each other’s out loud. We got so good at doing this that Mr Jones gave us 8 bars to compose!

After we’d finished our compositions, we (like all great composers) gave our music a name. Some of our favourite names were ‘Galloping Horses’, ‘Elephant’s Stomp!’, ‘The Jaguar’s Run’ and ‘The Magic Forest’. You can see some examples of our work in Mr Jones’ music room.