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May 18, 2022

Seeing the achievements of our Year 6 and Year 8 leavers is always a source of great pride in the North Bridge House School community. The student effort culminates in another excellent year of school offers and scholarships, despite the challenges of the past two years. Our results this year are topped by 9 Academic scholarships, plus one in Sport, one in Art and another in Drama. Huge congratulations to all our leavers on their scholarship and senior school offers.


This year, our pupils have received offers from a number of UK leading destinations and many of their first-choice schools. Plus, for Year 6, we continue to offer a 13+ senior school pathway; boys staying on at NBH Prep will progress through an increasingly rigorous and character-building curriculum which best prepares them for their Year 9 transition.


Head of NBH Prep School, James Stenning said, “Every year we are delighted by the success of our Prep leavers and marvel at the sustained effort they have made over many years. At this time, I also congratulate my whole school staff for nurturing our students to bring out their best skills, interests and personal qualities, and for giving them expert guidance on their individual educational journeys.


“Bravo to our Year 6 and Year 8 leavers. I wish you well in your senior schools and look forward to hearing of your further success. Bravo to our staff on delivering excellence, yet again.”

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