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Welcome to Senior Hampstead.

At North Bridge House Senior Hampstead, we are on a constant journey of getting to know every student as an individual; because we understand that success is not just about academic achievement, but also about every child finding and realising their true personal potential.

From ages 11 to 16, every pupil benefits from the widest range of subject experience, delivered by a dedicated team of subject specialists who are committed to maximising the strengths of each individual. From our broad and creative curriculum to our embedded enrichment programme, we deliver a character-building education where developing each pupil’s individuality is at the core of everything.

Our focus is firmly on the whole child, their whole environment, and their wellbeing, to ensure that every pupil finds a direction in life that truly reflects their unique talents and personality – so they are set on a clear journey, to find their True North.

Knowing the individual.

We pride ourselves on really getting to know each individual child on their journey to becoming well-rounded people as well as academics, adopting a ‘high support, low pressure’ model to help every student achieve more than they believe possible.

Fostering academic excellence.

We continue to achieve impressive GCSE grades year after year – celebrating 51% grades 7-9 in 2022 – and our pupils progress to a range of successful Sixth Forms – including that at North Bridge House Senior Canonbury and those at some of the major London Day Schools.

Cultivating character and promoting wellbeing.

With a broad extra-curricular offering and integral wellbeing charter, we foster a breadth of character in our students which equips them with the confidence and resilience to succeed in life, together with a wide skill set for the ever-changing global job market.

Find Your True North.

We guide every child on their own unique path – watch this video to learn more.

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Facilities & Location

Prime North London Location.

Tucked behind Hampstead’s bustling High Street, North Bridge House Senior Hampstead is in the heart of London’s most famous village. Near to the historic Burgh House, Kenwood House and Keats House, staff and students are inspired daily by the local heritage. Artists such as John Constable, Lucien Freud, Henry Moore; writers such as D.H. Lawrence, John Keats, and T.S. Eliot; musicians and composers such as Edward Elgar, Yehudi Menuhin and Cecil Sharp; and the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, to name but a few, called Hampstead their home.

Students take full advantage of enrichment opportunities in the local area - we offer a Historical Hampstead walk as well as Orienteering on Hampstead Heath – while frequenting the best facilities for outdoor sports, athletics and climbing – all on our doorstep. And with our own multi-purpose Sports Hall on-site, together with specialist facilities for all things Drama, Music, Science, Technology and Visual Arts, we are fully equipped to provide students with a wealth of academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

``NBH is simultaneously academically ambitious and supremely kind and nurturing – a rare and winning combination.``

– NBH Senior School Parent

Our Staff

Specialist Teaching Expertise.

Our specialist staff are truly dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love of learning and enjoyment of their subject. Tailoring teaching and learning to the individual, our teachers use evidence-based research to inform teaching methods and develop metacognition in our students, enabling them to effectively evaluate their own learning behaviours.

Our collaboration on research projects with UCL’s Institute of Education and experts on the adolescent brain allows us to deliver a progressive, forward-thinking educational experience, understanding our learners and guiding them on the journey from pre-teen to young adult.

We have implemented a later midweek start time to reflect current findings regarding teen sleep and, alongside our academic teaching staff, a dedicated Head of Pastoral ensures we have happy children, empowered in every aspect of school life.

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