North Bridge House Nursery School has supported many charities this academic year, and we are delighted to report £1,376.22 raised so far and counting*! This is a huge amount for a small school to raise, and we are especially proud to have been able to support a number of different causes with these funds, ranging from anti-bullying to environmental and natural disaster relief. 


Teaching our little ones the importance of charity is one of the most valuable lessons they can learn, helping them to develop compassion and empathy for others as well as a sense of purpose; small donations or acts of kindness make a genuine difference in the world. Giving back is also an excellent opportunity to connect children with the community and those around us, as well as the wider world in which we live. 


Here at NBH Nursery, we aim to develop a sense of awareness in the next generation and empower them to take responsibility for their future… And we have a great deal of fun in the process!


2022-23 Fundraising Round-Up


To support Children in Need, children and staff dressed in spotty clothes and received a very special visit from Pudsey Bear. Fundraising for the Anti-Bullying Alliance saw pupils swap their spots for odd socks, whilst everyone looked the part in green on Just One Tree Day. Red Nose Day called for the classic red noses, and Jeans for Genes was all about donning double denim for the day.


In support of the Poppy Appeal, pupils learnt about the significance of Remembrance in assembly. Each class made a wreath to remember all the people and animals that have tried to make the world a safer place. Beyond the poppies pinned to lapels and as with all fundraising events, children were immersed in a range of activities to promote their understanding of the cause.


Lest we forget those who lost their lives at war, we also came together to raise funds for those affected by freak incidents of mass trauma – namely the Turkey-Syria Earthquake and its British Red Cross Appeal. 


At the end of the Summer Term, our wonderful parent community, Friends of North Bridge House, raised £6,592 at our annual Summer Fair and children’s art auction to be split equally between The Tongabezi Trust School and Save the Elephants. Children were encouraged to take an active role in giving back to others, to understand and empathise with the causes that we support as a school, by voting on Wish List Resources to send to the children at The Tongabezi Trust School.


Our Nursery is a local school with a global mindset, as are all North Bridge House Schools. As such, we strive to support both international and community causes with our fundraising efforts, demonstrating what it is to be an inclusive and diverse school body. 


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported our fundraising efforts this year!


*Funds raised at the Summer Fair TBC.