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May 24, 2023

We have an exciting development to share from our Pre-Prep School in Hampstead. Beginning September 2023, 7+ preparation will be integrated into our curriculum. With our children performing well above the national average in English and Mathematics and some families aiming for entry to UK leading destinations, we are looking to build on – rather than simply maintain – our academic offering, so that every child can benefit from an individually tailored Pre-Prep education.


At our Prep School campus in Regent’s Park, we have seen that being able to pursue a through-school education or benefit from 11+ and 13+ senior school preparation is a fantastic benefit for pupils, and we are aiming to provide our Pre-Prep children with the same truly individualised provision. Our preparation is very much about the individual child and the academic pathway best suited to their needs and interests, which is why we will continue to offer natural and automatic progression to our high-achieving Prep School, bypassing the 7+ exam and providing children with every opportunity for success.


In keeping with our commitment to nurturing each child’s individuality, character and talent, all children will benefit from the new 7+ provision, with interview preparation becoming part of the curriculum and our ongoing assessment cycles providing exam practice in stress-free classroom setting. This way all children will be able to refine their ability to articulate themselves confidently in one-to-one and group conversation, and we will continue to work on maximising their strengths, overcoming their weaknesses and celebrating all progress (not just high grades).


We have also rearranged the time at which we teach some of the concepts already included in the curriculum, so that by the time the children opting to take 7+ exams come to sitting them, they have already developed a deeper understanding of topics than they might in another junior school setting.


We offer a broad extra-curricular programme focused on cultivating character and supporting personal as well as academic development. This will remain integral to our offering, as will our great pastoral team and strong focus on the social and emotional welfare of our children. It is important that our children are supported in every aspect of their growth and development and develop a genuine love of learning in a low-pressure environment, to aid their future success.


This new development is a continuation of our commitment to supporting the whole child, whether that be through academic, pastoral or extra-curricular provision. We are always looking to be at the forefront of educational development and this exciting initiative is a part of that pledge.


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