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Vision & Values

We help every pupil find their direction.

From Nursery through to Sixth Form, we are on a constant journey of getting to know and understand every pupil as an individual.

We recognise that success is not simply defined by outstanding academic achievement, but also by every pupil finding a direction in life that truly reflects their unique talents and personality.

Our purpose:

Our school aims:


We awaken the potential of every individual in the North Bridge House community to find their True North

Across our six North London sites, we challenge and inspire pupils at every stage of their school career. At whichever entry point families join us, we pride ourselves on really getting to know each individual pupil both academically and personally.

It is our specialist expertise that, from early childhood through to the teenage years, will help our pupils to find and realise their true academic and personal potential, guiding them on the, not always smooth, journey from pre-teen to young adult. We are focused on delivering a forward-thinking, progressive teaching and learning experience, which sets our pupils on a clear path to find what we refer to as their ‘True North’.

An inclusive, diverse and forward-thinking community.

We are co-educational.

We believe in boys and girls learning together, men and women working together, because after all, real life is co-ed. We develop confident and determined boys and girls - girls who are not afraid to put up their hands in class and ask questions, boys who will stand up and read in front of their peers.

We are academically non-selective.

We assess rather than test every child (over the age of four) as part of our admissions process. Rather than set a pass mark, we simply want to gauge your child’s current academic ability to ensure that we will be able to get the best out of them.

We are more than academic.

We are continually exploring ways to give our students more than an academic education. We provide a wealth of character and personal development opportunities to equip our young people with the tools they need to succeed in life.

We are local, with a global perspective.

Our close proximity to some of London’s most iconic museums, galleries and royal societies means that learning can be brought to life on a daily basis. Residential trips and outreach projects as far as New York, Borneo and Malawi expand our students’ horizons beyond the classroom, preparing them for the highly competitive international job market.

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At whichever stage they join North Bridge House, we will get to know your child as an individual, nurturing their potential from Nursery through to Sixth Form.

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