Although starting secondary school may feel a little daunting, focusing on all of the people you’ll meet, memories you’ll make and opportunities you’ll have is a great way to reframe the situation. It is very normal to feel a bit nervous – almost all of our senior school students would tell you that they felt apprehensive when they started here, too. Just as they did, you will quickly settle in with the support of your teachers and newfound friends. 


Be prepared

Before you start, it’s a good idea to check all the information you’ve been sent so that you’re prepared. Don’t just leave it to your parents to read! You’ll find a uniform list in your orientation handbooks, along with key timings for the school day. Figuring out how to get to school will save you stress on your first day; whether you’re walking, cycling, taking a bus or tube, or catching lift from your parents, practising this route in advance will help you to feel prepared and know how much time you need to leave for travel.


Know that we’re here to talk

At North Bridge House, we strive for academic, pastoral and extra-curricular excellence, which altogether enhance pupil wellbeing. We have a dedicated pastoral team which means that we have members of staff in place to specifically create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, and to ensure that all pupils can be open with their teachers and share any issues they may be facing or anything they’re worried about. 


Your form tutor will be your first port of call for any worries you may have, but equally, they are also here for a friendly chat! The difference between primary school and secondary school is that here, you will be treated increasingly like an adult; your teachers want to get to know you personally and share conversation with you. 


Although this is a big transition for you, we’re used to helping students settle in at school and you’ll have a great network of support and friendly faces around you. 


Channel nerves into excitement

We offer pupils a whole host of after-school clubs, trips and enrichment activities, so whether you’re interested in chess or yoga, gardening or ancient cultures, or are yet to find out, you’ll have every opportunity to explore and build on your interests. As part of our mission to encourage every pupil to find their ‘True North’, you’ll have access to a broader range of activities than you’ve ever had before, and belonging to a House will also connect you to students of all ages throughout the school in highly anticipated competitions and events. 


Though our school campus will be your base, you’ll venture to iconic London landmarks and much further afield – to the likes of Italy if you’re keen on skiing, or to Germany if you’re a historian. Duke of Edinburgh is a very popular extra-curricular activity that sees pupils navigating the British countryside and developing key life skills, while regular visits to our partner outdoor activity centre will have you swinging from the high ropes. See, at North Bridge House Senior School, we take pupils beyond the classroom, to facilitate your personal growth and development as well as dynamic, real-life learning.


See you soon!

We hope you’re excited about the prospect of starting North Bridge House Senior School, even if you’re a little nervous too. You’ll be at secondary school for the vast majority of your pre-teen and teenage years; the friendships you will form and the experiences you will have will shape your life long after you leave us. All of our students have had a ‘first day’ and recognise the very normal nerves and anxieties, but it is quickly overcome by a sense of belonging… We can’t wait to welcome you into the North Bridge House community.