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Results & Destinations

Results & Destinations

North Bridge House GCSE Results

North Bridge House Senior School pupils continue to achieve impressive grades at GCSE level year after year.

Our pupils are welcomed into a range of successful Sixth Forms, including our own North Bridge House Senior School & Sixth Form Canonbury, as well as the Sixth Forms of some of the major London Day Schools, including: Camden School for Girls, Highgate, UCS and City of London School.


Grades 7-9

Maintaining high standards for a mixed ability school


Top grades 8 & 9

Equivalent of A*


Grades 7-9 in Maths

Significantly higher than the 15.8% national average

GCSE Results 2018

North Bridge House Senior Hampstead celebrated an impressive 56% of all 2018 GCSE grades at Grade 7 and above. 93% of students achieved a “strong pass” at Grade 5+ in English Language and 91% in Maths.

The mixed ability school performed exceptionally well in Maths, with 66% of students achieving a Grade 7 or above – compared with the national average of 15.8%.

A remarkable number of top Grade 9s were gained in the sciences, totalling 55% in Biology, 46% in Chemistry and 42% in Physics.

Head Boy, Harri Carpenter particularly excelled, gaining six Grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English Literature, Maths, and Physics.

Maria Drel was equally as pleased, gaining five Grade 9s in Combined Science (awarded as a double-grade), French, Maths and Spanish, as well as three Grade 8s and a Grade 7 – the equivalent of all A* and A grades.

The languages department continued its history of success with 63% of grades at 7 or higher. In addition, eight students sat their GCSE qualifications early, achieving eight A*s and an A grade between them.

Overall, the school gained its highest ever grades with a total of 34% Grade 8s and 9s.

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Parent of NBH GCSE Graduate

We would like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful team at NBH Senior for all that you have done for the class of 2018. From your inspiring teaching to preparing them for exams, the support that has been offered throughout the years has been amazing. Celia had a truly wonderful time.

GCSE Results 2017

North Bridge House Senior Hampstead’s 2017 results saw 16 of the new top Grade 9s secured across Maths, English Language and English Literature, and an impressive 47% A*- A grades in all other subjects. 96.4% of students achieved a “standard pass” at the new Grade 4+ and 78.2% achieved a “strong pass” at Grade 5+ in English Language and Maths.

Students performed strongly in Maths and English, with 53% of students gaining 7, 8 or 9 grades (a strong A or above) in Maths, compared to 19.2% nationally.

An incredible 13% of NBH Hampstead students achieved grade 9 (the equivalent of an A**) in Maths and 11% in English Literature, outshining the national averages of 3.5% and 3.2% respectively.

The school also continued to perform at an exceptionally high standard in creative subjects like Photography, where 73% of all grades were A* or A.

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Parent of NBH GCSE Graduate

Everything John gained at North Bridge is with him, as he goes about, it’s clear to see, but his GCSE Achievement award is a great honour and beyond everyone’s expectations.

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