Clubs Timetable

Clubs Timetable

Summer Term Clubs 2022

Club bookings are made via the Cognita Connect parent app.

DayClubTimeProviderPrice per term
MonStrings, Brass & Woodwind Ensemble, Years 8 - 1012:25-13:15NBHFree
MonGirls Rounders, Years 9 & 1012:25-13:15NBHFree
MonSpanish GCSE Native Speakers Club, GCSE Only16:15-17:00NBHFree
MonB&W Darkroom Printing, Invite Only16:15-17:00NBHFree
MonClassics Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
MonRobotics with Raspberry Pi, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
MonSustainability Council Allotment Team, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
MonBoys and Girls Cricket Club, Years 7 & 816:15-17:00NBHFree
MonBoys and Girls Running Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
Tues Boys and Girls Dodgeball, Years 7 & 807:35-08:20NBHFree
TuesBoys and Girls Fitness, Years 7 - 912:25-13:15NBHFree
TuesBoys and Girls Short Tennis Club, Years 9 & 1016:15-17:00NBHFree
TuesChess Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
TuesItalian Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
TuesYoga, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
TuesNative French GCSE Exam Preparation, GCSE Only16:15-17:00NBHFree
TuesBee Well Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
TuesTrue North Newspaper Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
WedsBoys and Girls Athletics, Year 712:25-13:15NBHFree
WedsRock School, Year 913:15-14:05NBHFree
WedsBoys and Girls Short Tennis Club, Years 7 & 816:15-17:00NBHFree
WedsArchimake Club, All Years16:00-17:30Young People's Architecture & Engineering Academy£180
WedsDungeons and Dragons, Invite Only16:15-17:00NBHFree
ThursGirls Netball, Years 7 - 10, Invite Only07:35-08:20NBHFree
ThursBoys and Girls Cricket Club, Years 9 & 1012:25-13:15NBHFree
ThursChoir, Years 8 - 1012:25-13:15NBHFree
ThursChoir, Years 7 & 1113:15-14:05NBHFree
ThursWalking Talkies: NBH Walking Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
ThursDance Club, All Years16:15-17:00FaithFree
ThursItalian Club, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree
ThursBoys and Girls Kin-Ball Club, Years 7 & 816:15-17:00NBHFree
FriBoys and Girls Dodgeball, Years 9 & 1007:35-08:20NBHFree
FriDance Club, Years 7, 8 & 1112:25-13:15FaithFree
FriGirls Rounders, Years 7 & 812:25-13:15NBHFree
FriDance Club, Years 9 & 1013:15-14:05FaithFree
FriRock School, Year 816:15-17:00NBHFree
FriExtension Physics, All Years16:15-17:00NBHFree

The Student Sustainability Council and Pride & Diversity Council are not scheduled weekly but are still available for pupils to sign up to. These meetings will take place after school, and parents and students will be contacted with the day once numbers have been confirmed.

NBH Introducing: 2021-22 Clubs

This term we are introducing some exciting new clubs as well as returning with some very popular activities that we launched last term. Find out more about those newly featuring below.


A to Z of After School Clubs


Archimake Club
Archimake is the Young People’s Architecture & Engineering Academy. Their website states: ” The archimake team believes exploration in 3D creativity should be available for children at an early age nurturing skills in creativity, mathematics, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, and independent thinking.” To find out more please go to their website: The cost of this club is £180 for the 10 weeks and will be added to your termly invoice.

Bee Well Club
A place to garden to create a relaxing space for us and for the bees!

B&W Darkroom Printing
This is an invite only club to teach students the basics of B&W darkroom printing. If your child is particularly interested, please ask them to speak to Mr Stickland but be aware that there are limited numbers.

Chess Club
Playing Chess and solving Chess puzzles.

Classics Club
Want to learn about the Ancient World? Thinking of taking Classics at GCSE? Come to Classics club and learn about ancient characters, fictional and historical! Previous projects include films, artwork and board games.

Extension Physics
Extension Physics is designed for Year 10 or Year 11 pupils aspiring to take Physics at A Level.

French GCSE Native Speakers Club
This club is aimed at French native speakers who are going to take their French GCSE exams before year 11. The students will learn exam techniques and marking criteria to ensure they are able to structure their answers to achieve the best results. Only year 9 and 10 students can attend this club.

Italian Club
Benvenuto a tutti. We’ll study Italian language regardless what level you are, whether beginner or native, and can use this is a chance to practice if you want to take your Italian up a notch. We’ll also take a look into Italy’s incredibly rich art and culture – including, obviously, food. All are welcome in a welcoming, fun, and enriching environment.

Mixed Choir
A chance to sing together and improve your vocal skills.

Pride & Diversity Council
Join Mr Bolle and Ms Harney to promote diversity and LGBTQ+ rights at North Bridge House! We aim to:

  • Promote diversity and acceptance in our school
  • Support students who identify as LGBTQ+ and respect their confidentiality
  • Celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and history
  • Everyone is welcome! Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or are an ally!

We meet several times a term on Mondays after school (at 4pm in 4D) – meeting dates will be advertised in school.

Robotics with Raspberry Pi
Build robots with Raspberry Pi and various sensors to explore hardware features and develop Python programming skills.

Rock School
A chance to form a band in and improve your Musical skill.

Spanish GCSE Native Speakers Club
This club is aimed at Spanish native speakers who are going to take their Spanish GCSE exams before year 11. The students will learn exam techniques and marking criteria to ensure they are able to structure their answers to achieve the best results. Only year 9 and 10 students can attend this club.

Street and Contemporary Dance with Faith
These fun and high energy sessions are a great way to learn some news skills and make new friends. Dance is a fantastic discipline and often helps with focus. It is a fun way to exercise.

Strings, Brass & Woodwind Ensemble
A chance to play together and improve your skill! This runs over both lunchtimes so that all year groups can join and play together. If you are only able to attend at your lunch time slot, please do not worry!

Student Sustainability Council
A group for all those who love the environment to come up with, discuss, and set into action initiatives to make NBH Hampstead as environmentally friendly as it can be, whilst having fun in a friendly and welcoming team! We can also explore environmental concerns and initiatives locally, in London, the UK, and worldwide. We will meet roughly once or twice a term but we also help Ms Kowalewska with the allotment on Tuesdays.

Sustainability Council Allotment Team
This is a sub-group of sustainability council. Club will be looking after the veg side of the garden plot, watering, weeding and maintaining plants with hopefully harvesting later this term!

True North Newspaper Club
The True North Newspaper is the voice of the student body. It is a place students can work together to voice their opinions on current events and get creative with their writing and artistic abilities.

Walking Talkies: NBH Walking Club
An opportunity to relax on a walk around Hampstead every week. Students can bring their headphones and listen to a podcast as we walk, chat with friends, or just enjoy the surroundings.

Alice specialises in working with young people. Yoga has such clear benefits to our bodies and minds, especially during these key milestones of your life. She hopes you will leave her classes feeling refreshed and supported, with useful practical techniques to enhance your overall well-being. Come along and try Yoga out!


*The listings are subject to change each term.

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