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Nursery & Pre-Prep Curriculum

A curriculum that encourages children to grow as individuals.

North Bridge House Nursery and Pre-Prep Schools prepare children for an excellent school career, developing the fundamental skills upon which future their successes are built through a broad and balanced curriculum. Designed to spark children’s curiosity for knowledge, inspire their flair for creativity, and develop their ability to problem solve, our curriculum is individually tailored to provide a real sense of achievement for every child.

EYFS Curriculum

North Bridge House prepares children for the years ahead with a wonderful introduction to school life.

We immerse pupils in a rich and varied academic and extra-curricular programme from the outset of their education. In addition to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) national framework, pupils enjoy French, Italian, music and sport, all delivered by our specialist teachers. Our resident storyteller and dance lessons with Finchley Ballet School foster imaginative, creative thinking in our pupils, while our Forest School and Philosophy for Children programmes develop the essential soft skills which aid higher cognitive abilities.

Children in Nursery, Pre-Reception and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

EYFS Covers:


Children in our Nursery class cover a wide range of curricular topics.

Topics range from shape and colour to weather and the seasons. Daily story time and outdoor play, weekly gym and music sessions are also factored into the curriculum. This provides our children with a fully rounded education and helps them to develop their social skills at this important young age.


Pre-Reception and Reception

In Pre-Reception and Reception, we continue to explore the key EYFS areas.

We use a variety of specialist teaching methods both in and out of the classroom. We fully immerse children in a specific topic for half a term, linking each area of learning to this topic, to accelerate pupils’ development and take them beyond the curriculum into a wider learning experience.

Years 1 and 2

At KS1, real-life issues are brought to the forefront of the curriculum.

The national curriculum is directed at greater breadth and depth of study, introducing refined subject fields such as art, computing, science, PSHE and RE. We continue with our focus on the direct teaching of reading, writing and mathematics, while our subject specialist teachers deliver lessons in French, Italian, music and sport.

Maths is taught from a practical perspective, enhancing pupils’ basic numeracy skills with a focus on problem-solving, depth of understanding and application of knowledge.

Children also have increased use of iPads, using technology as a learning aid within the classroom as well as during Computing lessons.

Special events include Black History Month, Book Week, Carnival and Philosophy Week, nurturing our children’s cultural awareness and global perspective.

Academic progress is enhanced by Philosophy for Children (P4C), a powerful approach to teaching and learning that boosts children’s critical thinking, communication and social skills, as well as their overall attainment. A year of Philosophy has been found to result in two months’ additional progress in reading and Maths, as reported by the Education Endowment Foundation. One year after adding P4C to the curriculum, NBH Pre-Prep gained a Bronze Award for its outstanding commitment to the subject.

Subjects covered

Subjects continued


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