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School Uniform

School Uniform

North Bridge House Uniform

At North Bridge House, we are proud of our pupils and provide a uniform in which girls and boys can be identified as members of our school community. We expect pupils to represent the school appropriately and wear the smart, traditional uniform with pride, kindly supported by their parents.

Nursery and Pre-Reception pupils wear less formal attire to suit their age and ensure their comfort. Pupils in Reception and above wear the standard school uniform, including a blazer, and have summer and winter options. Pupils must wear correct uniform on arrival to and departure from school, with shirts tucked in and top buttons done up. Pupils who are attending school functions or excursions must wear school uniform, unless told otherwise.

Children who are allergic to the material of the uniform are allowed to wear a substitute, providing it is as close to the original in appearance as possible. If your son or daughter is unable to wear the correct uniform, please submit a note so that their class teacher is aware of this.

Please ensure that every item of clothing and equipment (including footwear and sports kit) is clearly marked. The school cannot take responsibility for unmarked items.

Jewellery and Hair

Jewellery is not permitted unless it is one simple necklace of recognised religious significance. Pupils should not wear earrings and piercings should be done during school holidays and must be removed for school. Confiscated jewellery will be returned at the end of term.

For health and safety reasons and general smartness, long hair should be tied back and false nails are not permitted. Make-up and nail varnish are not be worn in school.

Uniform List

Please find the complete Nursery and Pre-Preparatory uniform lists here:

Uniform lists are also available from the School Secretary. For more information from our supplier, please click here

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North Bridge House Schools

North Bridge House Schools

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