Nursery Clubs Timetable

Nursery Clubs Timetable

Summer Term 2022 Timetable

Club bookings are made via the Cognita Connect parent app.

DayClubTimeProviderPrice per term
MonYoga 1 (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£110
TuesDrama (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£95
TuesArt 1 (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£95
TuesBook Club (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£110
WedsFootball (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£110
WedsArt 2 (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£95
WedsScience Club (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£95
WedsBoard Games 1 (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£70
ThursYoga 2 (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£110
ThursBallet (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15Regal Ballet£150
ThursGardening (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£95
ThursFor the love of Lego (Pre-Reception)15:30-16:15NBH£90
ThursBoard Games 215:30-16:15NBH£70
ThursAdventures in Art15:30-16:15NBH£95
By appt.Allsorts DramaN/AAllsorts£90

A to Z of After School Clubs

Adventures in Art (Pre-Reception)

Adventures in Art is a fun literacy and practical club that will further your child’s passion for Art by teaching them about some of the most important and influential artists throughout history.

Using stories and literacy activities, the children will explore artists such as Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Gustav Klimt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and many more! As well as this, they will be recreating iconic pieces of work and interpreting the artist’s style to create their own masterpieces.

At the end of each term, the children will put on a mini exhibition for their loved ones to attend and appreciate their work (Ribena and cheese will be provided!).

Club provider: NBH


Art Club (Pre-Reception)

Creativity is a characteristic that can define anyone, not just the “talented”, and it can be taught and encouraged, especially when done from an early age. Creativity makes space for self-expression and lets children articulate their own thoughts and feelings, while also boosting their problem-solving. Art is vital; when children engage in hands-on art activities, they learn much better in all disciplines and skills.

In this club, children will have fun exploring all aspects of art, using a variety of mediums including craft and montage. We will draw inspiration from famous artists, both contemporary and old masters, and learn the different techniques they used. We very much look forward to seeing you all there!

Club Provider: NBH (Amanda Sabella)


Ballet Club (Pre-Reception)

The Ballet Club is run by Regal Ballet, a team of highly qualified, professional ballerinas who have danced with some of the best ballet companies in the world. Exams are offered through the reputable Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, but the primary focus of the club is to develop children’s joy and love of dance, as well as developing co-ordination, balance and strength.

Club Provider: Regal Ballet, 07704 290 479, 


Board Games Club (Pre-Reception)

Board Games Club is the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy the exciting and lively informal atmosphere of traditional playtime with friends! A variety of good old-fashioned board games will help children learn the importance of a fair game, whilst developing their competitive spirit.

Board Games are a fantastic way to support children’s academic progress. Participants will build on vocabulary with word games; use coordinates for Battle Ships; practise counting in Snakes and Ladders; develop strategies in Connect Four; take turns in Ludo; test their spelling in Scrabble and much more.

Club Provider: NBH


Book Club (Pre-Reception)

In these fun, simple book club sessions, your child will share and discuss their favourite stories with friends, developing a deep enjoyment from a variety of stories and their characters. Children will grow in self-confidence as they learn how to converse with expression and develop important language skills, which broaden their vocabulary and expand their imaginations. Stories will be further brought to life with activities such as drawing, cutting, sticking and playing make believe with dolls and action figures.

Genres will include short stories, animal books, fantasy, poetry, “How to” books, colouring books, mystery books, fairy tales, expression books and topic books.

Club Provider: NBH (Mirema Covic and Angela Demetriou)


Creative Story Club (Pre-Reception)

Creative Story Club combines imagination with creativity to fully immerse the children in the wonderful world of literature. After reading a story, children will use junk modelling, clay, paint and collage to create something connected to the story. Using their imagination, children will plan and design a character, prop or even a scene from the book, developing their fine motor skills at the same time.

Club Provider: NBH


Drama Club (Pre-Reception)

Drama Club is intended to develop children’s performance skills as well as their confidence, articulation, communication, co-ordination and other life skills; it’s also guaranteed to be lots of fun!

We cover many different aspects of drama and encourage creative growth by giving children the chance to share their own ideas and perform in small groups. Over the course of the school year, original plays are created with the children and material is personalised for different groups. These plays are established through fun and improvisation before being scripted and performed using props and costumes.

Club Provider: Allsorts Drama, Sasha Stevenson, 020 8969 3249,,


Football Club (Pre-Reception)

This club offers a range of football classes to boys and girls from age 3 to 7.  The team of experienced FA approved Football Coaches lead action-packed football sessions designed to turn energetic and enthusiastic youngsters into skilful, confident players.

Each football session includes a variety of fun, fitness-based training drills and exercises, and then moves into training, matches and weekly tournaments.

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, developing their self-confidence, skills and mobility, in a safe and happy environment.

Club Provider: NBH 


For the love of Lego Club (Pre-Reception)

This club is a fantastic way to learn and play. Every session is designed to fuel a budding mind in a range of areas, promoting development in maths, problem solving, spatial awareness, fine motor skills and early engineering skills.

Each week children develop skills from building with purpose, considering the colours, shape and size with plenty of time to explore their own unique ideas. By collaborating creatively, children develop skills in communication and co-operation. At the end of each session, children have an opportunity to present their fantastic constructions to the group.

Club Provider: NBH


Gardening Club (Pre-Reception)

Gardening Club introduces children to the wonder of growing their own plants in our school garden areas. From planting seeds to cultivating fruit, vegetables and flowers, children will be involved in all aspects of the growing process – they can even suggest their own plants.

The club is a great way to get children exercising out in the fresh air, while planting and experiencing the world beyond the classroom as part of their learning and development. There will be lots of projects that will take place each term based on the season we are in.

Club Provider: NBH


Science Club (Pre-Reception)

Full of fun activities and hands on experiments, Science Club creates the opportunity to explore and investigate the world around us. These stimulating sessions will allow children to expand their critical thinking and develop science-based skills and language.

Many of these activities are also great for home learning, as they support problem solving and creativity.

Club Provider: NBH


Yoga Club (Pre-Reception)

Yoga Club includes fun, creative classes designed to engage the imagination, maintain natural flexibility and teach effective breathing methods. The class combines exciting adventures with songs, stories, yoga games, and relaxation techniques. Yoga also helps to improve children’s concentration levels and sleep patterns, increase their self-esteem and boost their immune systems.

Club Provider: Beam Academy, 0800 086 2689,,

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