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2020 A Level Highlights


A*/A grades overall


A*/A grades in Chemistry and Maths


A* grades overall

A Level Results 2020

Sixth Form students at North Bridge House Senior Canonbury celebrated their highest A Level results to date, having achieved an outstanding 68% A*- A grades despite this year’s challenging lockdown circumstances.

With a huge 40% A* grades overall and half of all students scoring straight As or higher, the school outperformed the national average of 9% A* grades.

Top performing students Jason Jiang and Taha Mirshahi achieved 4 A*s and 3 A*s respectively, plus an additional A and A* in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Jason will read Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and Taha is embarking on a degree in Dentistry at Queen Mary, University of London.

The pair both celebrated success in Spanish as well as the notoriously tough STEM subjects, with Jason securing three of his A*s in Maths, Further Maths and Economics, and Taha achieving the top grade in Biology and Chemistry.

Overall, NBH Senior Canonbury achieved a clean sweep of 100% A*-A grades across Chemistry and Maths and 100% A* grades in Further Maths and Art, highlighting the school’s strength in both academic and creative fields.

Saif Ismail and Matilde Pistolesi were also among the high achievers, celebrating A*A*AA and AAA with an A* in the EPQ respectively, and securing places at their first-choice universities to read Aerospace Engineering and Law.

Many NBH Senior Canonbury students (including those from last year’s cohort who opted to take a gap year) have gained a place to study at their first-choice university, including top Russell Group destinations such as Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff, Leeds and Queen Mary University of London.

2020 GCSE Highlights


Top Grade 9

Compared to 6.6% national average


Grades 7-9 in Physics & Computer Science

Maintaining top results in STEM subjects


Grades 7-9 overall

Compared to 25.9% national average

GCSE Results 2020

North Bridge House Senior Canonbury students achieved highly impressive GCSE results despite the challenge of lockdown, with an overall 66% achieving Grade 7 or above (the equivalent of an ‘A’ or higher) and 24% making the top Grade 9.

The school upheld its high performance across a broad range of academic and creative subjects for another year running, with 86% and 100% of students achieving Grades 7-9 in Physics and Art respectively.

North Bridge House Senior Canonbury’s impressive number of high grades continued across science and the humanities, with 36% Grade 9 in both Biology and History and 29% in Geography.

Overall, 47% of all grades awarded were 8+ – the previous A* equivalent – which is particularly high for an academically non-selective school.

Top performing student Nick Fulford particularly excelled, achieving eight Grade 9s, an 8 and a 7. Having secured the top Grade 9 across the sciences, Art, French, Geography, Maths and Further Maths, Nick aspires to pursue a degree in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

NBH Senior Canonbury student Felix Andrew also saw success in the STEM subjects, gaining Grade 9 in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths, as well as French. Fellow high achiever Asha Bewtra continued to highlight the school’s strength in the languages department, gaining five Grade 9s in Art, English Language and Literature, Geography and Mandarin among her string of 7-9 grades.

2019 A Level Highlights


A*/A grades overall


A*/A grades in English Literature


A*/A grades in Maths

A Level Results 2019

North Bridge House Senior Canonbury’s best A Level results yet saw 34% of A*/A grades and 21% of all students scoring straight As or higher.

Founding members of the school, students Aleksandr Markov and Georgia Prentice achieved A*A*A and AAA respectively. Georgia will read Philosophy at Bristol and Aleksandr will read Neuroscience at Edinburgh.

Similarly, Bertie Lyhne-Gold, Jacob Honig-Rozario were also among the students who joined the school when it first opened in September 2014, and each were celebrating securing an A* and two A grades.

Top grade success was also celebrated in English Literature with 50% A*/A grades (vs 24.8% national average) and 50% A*/A grades in Biology (vs 24.4% national average).

Many North Bridge House Senior Canonbury students have gained a place to study at their first-choice university, including the University of Oxford and top Russell Group destinations, such as Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, University College London (UCL) and York.

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2019 GCSE Highlights


Grade 9 overall

Compared to 4.5% national average


Grades 7-9 in all subjects

Exceptionally high standards for a mixed ability school


Grade 9 in Science

An average across Biology, Chemistry and Physics

GCSE Results 2019

Students from North Bridge House Senior Canonbury celebrated excellent GCSE results this year, with an impressive 62% achieving a Grade 7 or above (the equivalent of an ‘A’ or higher) and 22% making the top Grade 9 – compared to 4.5% nationally.

94% achieved a “strong pass” at Grade 5+ in English Language, 100% in English Literature and 87% in Maths.

While a huge 86% of students gained a Grade 7+ in Art, 84% and 75% of students achieved Grades 7-9 in Geography and Physics respectively (compared to 24.5% and 43.8% nationally) – highlighting NBH Canonbury’s academic strengths in the arts, humanities and science.

The school’s impressive number of high grades continued across the languages department, with 67% of grades at 8 or 9 in Chinese and 43% at 9 in French. Overall, in all subjects, 39% of grades were an 8 or 9, the latter being the equivalent of an A** to show exceptional performance.

Star student and local resident Michael Connelly particularly excelled, gaining eight Grade 9s and a Grade 8, plus an A* in Additional Maths. Michael is looking forward to continuing his education at North Bride House for Sixth Form and has chosen to take A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths and the Extended Project Qualification.

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2018 A Level Highlights


A*/A grades overall


A*/A grades in Maths


A*/A grades in Spanish

A Level Results 2018

North Bridge House Senior Canonbury’s third set of A Level results saw a number of the 26 Year 13 students achieve a clean sweep of A*/A grades.

With an A* in Maths and A grades in Physics and Further Maths, Arpi Saruhanyan secured a place at her first choice university, the University of Exeter to study Astrophysics.

Economics was a particularly popular subject of study with the class of 2018. Josh Tucker (AAA) accepted an offer from the University of Nottingham to pursue his interest while Sepehr Edalation (AAB) chose Queen Mary’s to study the subject. Yusif Cahusac (AAAB) will embark on a Political Economy course at Kings College, London.

NBH Canonbury maintained its strength in Modern Foreign Languages as students sat A Levels in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Spanish results were particularly impressive with all candidates gaining A grades.

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2018 GCSE Highlights


Grade 9 overall

Compared to 4.3% national average


Grade 9 in Maths

Plus all Further Maths candidates gaining A*/A**


A*/A or Grade 7+

Exceptionally high standards for a mixed ability school

GCSE Results 2018

Students from North Bridge House Senior Canonbury achieved an impressive 27% Grade 9s in the school’s second ever set of GCSE results. 70% of all grades achieved an A*/A or Grade 7 and above.

A remarkable 32% of students secured a Grade 9 in Maths. Four students also sat Further Maths GCSE – a qualification designed to stretch particularly high achieving Mathematicians and the only one which offers an A** award – and achieved 3 A** grades and an A*.

The school’s impressive number of Grade 9s continued across science and languages with 62% of students achieving the top grade in Physics and 80% in Spanish.

Star student, Oscar Brogden particularly excelled, gaining a complete set of Grade 9s and A*s. With nine Grade 9s, plus an A* in Music and an A** in Further Maths, Oscar is one of very few pupils to score so highly across the country.

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University Preparation

Amongst our highly qualified staff are Oxbridge graduates and teachers with experience of interviewing candidates for Oxford and Cambridge universities. They are able to guide students throughout the university application process (UCAS), and provide additional mentoring for Oxbridge and Russell Group candidates.

Mock interviews give students the opportunity to practise their communication skills, testing their subject-specific understanding and personal statements. In subject-specific interviews, students complete a range of tasks designed to test their suitability for higher education, whilst personal statement interviews test students’ passion for their subject and knowledge beyond the A Level syllabus. Sixth Formers then discuss how the interview went and receive helpful feedback and advice on the next steps to take.

NBH Canonbury also collaborates with other schools, exchanging knowledge with staff and inviting external students to practise their interview skills in an unfamiliar environment.


External Year 13 student preparing to read French and Spanish at Oxford

My interviews at North Bridge House were invaluable. The experience was enjoyable, yet challenging, as I was certainly pushed to my limits. The detailed feedback given to me after each interview allowed me to identify key areas for improvement, increasing my confidence in preparation for the real thing.

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