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Senior School Curriculum

A broad and varied curriculum.

At North Bridge House Senior Canonbury, we have created a broad and varied curriculum that prepares students for the competitive global job market.

We have specialist options that complement the balanced range of core subjects for every year group. From the beginning of their secondary education, students can pursue popular and varied fields of interest.

From Year 10, students refine their curriculum choices as they progress through GCSE and A-Level to specialise and delve deeper into particular subjects. Together with weekly enrichment, PSHE, and tutor sessions, the curriculum targets life skills and personal development as well as academic achievement.

Key Stage 3 - In Years 7, 8 & 9 pupils study the following:

* Students select between French or Spanish and Latin or Mandarin upon entry.


Key Stage 4


In Years 10 and 11 (ages 14-16), pupils select three GCSE subjects of their choice to study alongside the compulsory subjects of English (Language and Literature), Maths and Science (Double Award with Triple Award available as an option). They also have compulsory weekly Enrichment, P.E. and PSHE sessions but are not examined in these subjects, unless they have selected P.E. as one of their three GCSE options.

By invitation from the Maths Department, some students will be invited to study Additional Maths.

Students who wish to take PE as a GCSE subject choice will need to select it as one of their three GCSE option choices.

Some of our wider learning options vary annually depending on the cohorts’ interests.

The core curriculum is complemented by a selection of wider learning options:
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award

  • Enrichment

  • Games

  • Graded Music Exams



  • Sports Leaders Awards

In addition to the compulsory core subjects, GCSE students select three subjects to study from the following list*

* Courses may vary in availability each year depending on uptake.

Key Stage 5


In Years 12 and 13 (ages 16-18), students typically study 3 or 4 subjects depending on their GCSE results and / or ability.

Take a look at our interactive Sixth Form Options Guide, detailing the course outline for each subject available to study at A Level, to find out more:

A-level students can select from the following subjects*

* Courses may vary in availability each year depending on uptake.


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