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Head's Welcome

Welcome to North Bridge House Senior Canonbury.

We are a school that is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding, holistic education that balances academic excellence with the development of character, resilience and leadership. We maintain small class sizes, allowing us to tailor our teaching to meet the needs of every child within our diverse community.

From within the classroom to leading the school, I am a Head of School who passionately believes in the power of happy children. Pupils learn most effectively when they are happy, and with our focus firmly on the whole child, their whole environment, and their wellbeing, I truly believe we make a big difference to their outcomes.


Our team of specialist and dedicated teachers, drawn from a range of prestigious academic and university backgrounds, provide the inspiration our pupils need to realise their academic goals.

The focus on academic success is complemented by outstanding pastoral care and attention to the learning needs of each individual child, while our experienced SENCO ensures our commitment to an inclusive curriculum and teaching strategies attuned to the needs of the whole school community.

To broaden our pupils’ interests and help them develop new and transferable skills, we offer a broad range of activities which enhance their learning and constitute an integral part of our overall educational offering.

More than simply ‘extra-curricular’ provision, our timetabled enrichment programme develops transferable skills and interests, with activities varying from Mandarin to Yoga.

Whether your son or daughter is looking to join in Year 7 or Year 12, our provision is built upon a commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of the individual child. For a real insight into what North Bridge House Canonbury has to offer, I encourage families and friends to visit us.

Our teachers are always happy to discuss our provision and identify how we can provide the very best all-round education for your son or daughter.

Charlotte Tassell-Dent
Head of School


Enquiries :020 7428 1520