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Scholarships & Bursaries

We offer a range of scholarships for exceptional Year 7 and 12 applicants to North Bridge House Senior Canonbury.

Worthy candidates will not only demonstrate excellence in their specific field, but will also have a proactive attitude towards school life as a whole. North Bridge House scholars are expected to act as ambassadors for the school both academically and recreationally, upholding exemplary behaviour and leading their peers in extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

Further to the standard admissions interview and assessment process for applicants to North Bridge House Canonbury, those applying or recommended for scholarships will be invited in for an additional review.

Academic Scholarships

We automatically invite students who do exceedingly well in their admissions assessment to interview for an Academic Scholarship.

The interview enables us to learn more about their academic commitment and attainment to date, and what they hope to achieve at North Bridge Senior House Canonbury.

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarship candidates should demonstrate skill, imagination and the ability to work independently, both in and beyond the classroom. A fertile imagination and natural curiosity must be supported by an obvious passion for art. Strong drawing skills are essential, as is the ability to experiment with media in innovative and interesting ways.

The assessment involves a portfolio inspection, an interview with the Head of Art and a drawing exercise from direct observation. We accept work in any medium, although we advise against bringing in large canvases and three-dimensional works (good quality photographs will suffice). Candidates are advised to submit no more than 15-20 pieces of work, as well as one high-quality sketchbook.

Successful candidates will act as ambassadors for the subject and are expected to initiate and lead art-related events, such as a guest speaker appearance, an exhibition or workshop. Art scholars are required to continue the subject to GCSE level as a minimum.

If art is not studied as an examination subject in the Sixth Form, scholars are expected to offer a significant presence in the Art Department in extra-curricular time.

Performing Arts Scholarships

Drama Scholarships recognise students with a dedicated interest in the theatre, acting, directing, performing or other roles. Candidates will be asked to perform a 1-2 minute dialogue from a published play, and speak about their interest and experiences in the Performing Arts with our Head of Drama.

Music Scholarship candidates will be invited to audition with the Head of Music, and to talk about any groups with which they are involved, special concerts or performances in which they have played, and their musical grade achievements.

Apply for a Scholarship

Deadline for scholarship applications for September 2023 entry: 25 November 2022.

Interviews will be conducted in January 2023.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete and return the application form to, or call 020 7428 1520 for more information. Please note that prospective candidates may only apply for one scholarship category.


We do our best to support current North Bridge House families and, where possible, offer bursaries to those whose circumstances change while their child is studying at the school.

If you would like to discuss financial aid, please contact the Bursar on 020 7267 6266 or via, who will provide a Financial Aid form upon request.


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