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Prep School Curriculum

A broad and varied curriculum.

North Bridge House Prep School prepares children for the years ahead with a wonderful introduction to school life, immersing them in a rich and varied academic and extra-curricular programme from the start of their formal education.

Our approach is to get to know every child, so we can foster their individual abilities and explore their unique talents, guiding them on a path of personal growth throughout their time at NBH Prep School.

Specialist Teaching and Senior School Preparation

Specialist teaching is delivered in every year group at NBH Prep School.

In Reception, this starts with Art, Drama, French, Music and Sport and these subjects are continued into Key Stages 1 and 2.

In KS2 (Year 3), children also receive their own 1-2-1 school devices as part of our commended and inclusive Digital Learning programme.

From Years 5 to 8, pupils are taught entirely by subject specialists and prepared for various different senior school entrance examinations. We advise on and facilitate pupils either leaving the Prep School at the end of Year 6 (taking the 11+, the Consortium exam or going to one of the North Bridge House Senior Schools), or at the end of Year 8 (taking the Common Pre-Test exam, the Common Entrance exam or schools’ individual entrance tests).

Girls and boys progress from North Bridge House Prep School to some of the most prestigious Senior Schools in the country, and our curriculum is innovatively designed to prepare pupils for the various different entrance routes and processes. The breadth and depth of study also allows for natural progression to our two NBH Senior School campuses – North Bridge House Senior Hampstead and North Bridge House Senior Canonbury – upon reference from the Head Teacher.


Early Years

At its core, our Early Years Reception curriculum is focused on the direct teaching of reading, writing and mathematics, embedding key vocabulary, listening comprehension, spoken language and problem solving skills into all aspects of children’s work.

Beyond this, children are enriched socially and emotionally through a wealth of outdoor learning opportunities, which teach communication and negotiation among the various soft skills that aid higher cognitive abilities, such as critical thinking and information processing. We fully immerse children in a specific topic for half a term, linking each area of learning to this topic. This accelerates pupils' development and takes them beyond the curriculum into a wider learning experience.

In addition to EYFS, our Reception pupils enjoy Art, Drama, French, Music and Sport delivered by our specialist teachers.

You can view the Early Years curriculum map below:

Key Stage 1

The KS1 curriculum will see pupils delve into a greater range of discrete disciplines with their class teacher such as Phonics; English; Mathematics; Science; Humanities; PSHE; RE and Computing. Whilst continuing with the specialist teaching of Art, Drama, French, Music and Sport.

Our KS1 curriculum is ultimately designed to stretch pupils further than in a typical junior school setting and prepare children for progression to an increasingly broad and ‘knowledge-rich’ KS2 curriculum. Maths is taught from a practical perspective, enhancing pupils’ basic numeracy skills with a focus on problem-solving, depth of understanding and application of knowledge. Children also have increased use of iPads, using technology as a learning aid within the classroom as well as during Computing lessons.

You can view the Year 1 and 2 curriculum maps below:

Key Stage 2

Our ‘Outstanding’ Prep School curriculum is praised by Ofsted, and more recently the Schools Inspectorate Service, for having a clear impact on teaching and pupils’ progress and helping to secure high standards in both. The curriculum aims to develop pupils’ general knowledge of a subject into a deeper understanding of its advanced concepts, and provide a complete experience of the academic, creative and physical fields of education.

Our KS2 curriculum redefines the teaching and learning of humanities by teaching Geography and History as discrete subjects, rather than combined topics, and sees the addition of Critical Thinking as well as Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Through this ‘knowledge-rich’ curriculum model we teach content to be remembered, not just encountered, and by Year 5, we introduce a General Studies course to further broaden their cultural, political and global awareness, with modules including Politics, Philosophy and Economics; Film Studies and Art History.


Lower School (Years 3-4):

Middle School (Years 5-6)

Key Stage 3

While many of our boys and girls graduate at the end of Year 6, successfully leaving us for UK leading destinations or to progress to NBH Senior Schools, the boys pursuing 13+ senior school pathways continue to benefit from an increasingly rigorous curriculum. Academically and creatively rich, our KS3 curriculum is focused on developing key critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as innovation and individual talent. Our Year 8 students leave as articulate, confident, determined, young people, proud of their achievements.

Upper School (Years 7-8):


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