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Inspection Reports

North Bridge House Prep School Inspection Reports.

All North Bridge House Schools focus on delivering a broad and innovative curriculum taught by specialist teachers. We are committed to the personal development of our pupils and, as such, provide an outstanding social, moral, spiritual and cultural programme, which we incorporate into all aspects of school life.

Each North Bridge House School is inspected on an individual basis. North Bridge House Prep School was previously inspected by SIS (School Inspection Service) and is now inspected by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) going forwards. Please find the school’s most recent inspection reports below.

Follow the link below for the Independent School Standard Regulations – used by independent schools as a basis for their professional standards – to see the criteria on which a school will be judged for an inspection.

school inspection report

ISI June 2023

"Pupils' independence and eagerness to take initiative are enhanced by their experiences on residential trips and the breadth of the curricular and extra-curricular experiences with the result that the school enables all to find their 'True North'."

"Pupils are academically well prepared for entry to their future schools, with half of pupils entering the North Bridge House group senior schools and half gaining places at independent schools with competitive entry criteria."

"A number of pupils achieve scholarship awards in recognition of their academic ability or skills in performing arts, sports and drama."

"Pupils speak with clarity and enthusiasm in class discussions, whilst also listening respectfully to the views of others. This is enabled through the strong and supportive relationships pupils have with each other and their teachers."

"Pupils felt that their high levels of confidence grew from the warm, friendly and supportive culture of the school, saying 'when we are supported by our friends, we can do anything'."

good schools guide

North Bridge House Prep School

"The staff are in control and parents feel safe and assured that their child is not lost in the system."

"High praise from parents for the quality of teachers, particularly class teachers [...] – they all said that class teachers brought a very personal feel."

"Technology woven into the curriculum - there are laptops and iPads available on each corridor for use in any lesson."

"Lots of co-curricular. Music, drama and sport all thrive here."

"Lots of adventurous trips – PGL and bushcraft, as well as to France, China and Morocco, and post common entrance sailing for year 8 after their intensive trips around London."

Material Change Inspection Report

ISI, September 2022

“Senior leaders have prepared a suitable written policy on the curriculum to meet the needs of children in the EYFS and pupils in Years 1 and 2. This is supported by appropriate plans and schemes of work which cover all required areas of learning.”

“Ongoing assessment is an integral part of the school's learning and development process and teachers assess pupils' progress regularly and effectively.”

“Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens.”

“Safeguarding procedures are suitably implemented in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2022. Senior leaders have implemented required arrangements to safeguard children in the EYFS effectively.”

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

ISI, December 2018

“The school meets the standards in the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 and associated requirements, and no further action is required as a result of this inspection.”

“The teaching enables pupils to make good progress, encompasses effective behaviour management and is supported by suitable resources.”

“Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens.”

“Leadership and management demonstrate good skills and knowledge, and fulfil their responsibilities effectively, so that the other standards are consistently met and they actively promote the well-being of the pupils.”

School Inspection Report

SIS, December 2015

“Children make excellent progress in their learning and development and are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their education.”

“A major strength of the school is the manner in which it consistently promotes the children’s personal and emotional development.”

“The quality of teaching is outstanding; it is marked by detailed planning, well-qualified staff with high levels of expertise, driving pace in lessons, excellent explanations and questioning of pupils and excellent relationships with them.”

“The quality of safeguarding and the provision for the welfare, health and safety of pupils are excellent.”

“Leadership and management have been highly successful in maintaining and improving the very high standards of education achieved at the last inspection during a period of great change for the school, during which it has added a year group and increased substantially in size.”


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