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NBH Nursery & Pre-Prep Host Expert Parenting Talks

Worried about...

… your child’s health and wellbeing? Hear some of the country’s most respected experts discuss the burning issues in early-year childcare.

North Bridge House Nursery and Pre-Prep School are hosting a series of FREE talks on the issues that cause the greatest levels of parent anxiety.

Our children bring us endless happiness but also never-ending worry. For example, we often hear about the dangers of increasing children’s screen time or the growth of sleep and eating disorders in youngsters, but little is said about what parents can do to prevent such issues.

To help understand more about the issues that cause the greatest levels of parent anxiety, North Bridge House Nursery & Pre-Prep are running a series of free talks during May and June at 33 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, NW3 5JY. The talks will be by Andrea Grace, one of the UK’s most respected child sleep experts, and psychologist, author and health education campaigner Dr Aric Sigman.



Wednesday 10 May, 6:00-7:45pm
Andrea Grace: A practical approach to solving the problem of sleepless nights

Wednesday 17 May, 6:00-7:45pm
Dr Aric Sigman: Managing screen time and screen dependency

Wednesday  7 June, 6:00-7:45pm
Dr Aric Sigman: Body image and the pressures of physical appearance

Book your free ticket

North Bridge House Nursery and Pre-Prep parents should book their priority tickets via preprep@northbridgehouse.com.
A limited number of tickets are also available – free of charge – to external parents and members of the community: book here.

More on our speakers

Find out more about the experts.

Andrea is a child health expert whose professional work has been inspired and informed by her own own parental experience of sleepless nights. The trained health visitor, nurse and mental health nurse has found that the struggle, or at least concern, to get your child to sleep and sleep through is one that many parents face at some point.

With over 25 years experience in the field, during which time she setup an NHS sleep service and became one of the the UK’s first independent sleep specialists, Andrea’s work is now recognised by leading paediatricians, child psychologists and health journalists.

Andrea’s talk will draw on her extensive knowledge and professional experience as well as the latest research to debunk child sleep myths, explore sleeping patterns in young children and inform curious or concerned parents.

Psychologist Dr Sigman is an expert in child neurology whose work has informed many medical organisations including The International Child Neurology Association, The British Medical Association and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. His exploration of child screen time in particular has brought to light chemical changes that can occur in the brain and highlighted the need to curb children’s time spent in front of the TV in order to avoid development and health problems.

As more and more gadgets emerge claiming to aid child development and children of all ages are engaging with screen media, Dr Aric Sigman’s first talk will  explore just how much screen time is healthy.

Further to his studies into the biological effects of the media, Dr Sigman lectures in PSHE health education and talks to schools and parents on child body image and eating habits. In his second talk at North Bridge House, Dr Sigman will address the pressures of physical appearance that can emerge, albeit subconsciously, in children from a very young age.


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