The real value in teacher training: Education experts lead CPD at NBH

Top class speakers join ‘festival’ of staff development

The mention of CPD can rouse a staff room full of sighs in many schools. And groans from parents needing to arrange another day of childcare, unconvinced they’ll see any impact on their child’s education. There is no denying however, that inspired teachers deliver the most inspirational learning: the key principle behind the second annual ‘festival’ of professional development at North Bridge House.

The NBH Staff Development Day saw some of the most forward thinking and experienced practitioners in education explore CPD, thought leadership and effective learning with over 230 teachers. Themes touched upon included teacher identity and embedding growth mindsets, as well as building comprehension skills in the early years and sixth form preparation for higher education, to name but a few.

The event motivated staff embarking on the summer term and proved that inset days need not be schools’ equivalent of teacher detention – a lecture in the school hall or time to catch up on paperwork – but a celebration of education which impacts on both teachers and their pupils.

An initiative led by North Bridge House Canonbury’s Headteacher, Jonathan Taylor, the day was a huge success, bringing together a highly diverse and accomplished selection of speakers to provide individualised and wide ranging professional development for all five of the NBH campuses.

David Weston, founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, began the day with a truly inspiring keynote, reminding his audience that:

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better.”

The best CPD recognises that teachers are professionals with valuable insights of their own; hence, the vast majority of speakers at the NBH Development Day were experienced classroom practitioners. From Heads, Assistant Heads and a lead Ofsted inspector to international education consultants and doctors in psychology and working memory, the day provided a variety of workshops, panel discussions and advanced research for teachers of all ages.

Each session was tailored to teachers of different interests and key stages (Early Years to KS5) to accommodate and benefit everyone from the five unique NBH campuses. Whilst the training was therefore specific to the individual, it was also a great opportunity for staff to collaborate with colleagues from other NBH sites and really enhanced the group’s sense of community. Furthermore, staff were able to connect and share ideas with the impressive guest speakers and educationalists.

Simon Camby, the Director of Education for Cognita Schools Europe, brought the day to an inspirational close, reminding staff that “The very best teaching is usually simple, uncluttered and clear-sighted.”

Sharing expertise

A big thank you to each of our speakers at the NBH Development Day 2017, listed below. To read more about each of the speakers and their work, please see inside the programme.

Keynote: David Weston Founder & Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, national charity for effective professional development
Keynote: Simon Camby Director of Education, Europe for Cognita Schools
John Coleman Assistant Director of Education for Cognita Schools
Kate Constable Children’s author, previously journalist for The Sunday Times, The Independent, Tatler and Vogue
Bea Crawford and Rachel Lever, William Tyndale Primary School Assistant Head & Maths Mastery specialist and English Subject Leader respectively
Dr Caroline Creaby Assistant Head at Sandringham School, Teacher of Economics and Business, Doctor of Education, works with the Institute for Effective Education
Dr Amy Fancourt Head of Psychology at Queen Anne’s School and research lead for BrainCanDo, a charitable organisation that aims to bridge the gap between neuroscience and education
Cath Greenwood & Ella Macfayden Learning Associates from Unicorn Theatre, the UK’s leading professional theatre for young audiences
Hampstead Academic Leaders Teachers from North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead:

·         Amy McIntosh, Acting Head of Science

·         Ben Still, Teacher of Science

·         Charmalyn September, Teacher of English

·         Dan Hall, Teacher of Maths

·         James Garrett, Head of History

Sarah Harris Nursery Manager and Head of Early Years at Long Close School
Claire Jepson Deputy Head of the Upper School and Head of Sixth Form at Meoncross
Beth Kerr Deputy Head Pastoral at Immanuel College, MSc student in Child & Adolescent Mental Health at UCL
Dan Macpherson Head of Modern Foreign Languages at North Bridge House Senior & Sixth Form Canonbury
Dr Fiona McNab Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow at the University of Birmingham leading research projects in working memory; previously worked at Exeter University, The Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and UCL
John Medlicott Director of JMC Education and Teacher of Biology
Will Orr-Ewing Founder of Keystone Tutors
Rita Patel Education Consultant for maths
Rani Saini Education Consultant for literacy
The Rap Project Co-founded by Allison Havey and Deana Puccio to raise awareness around personal safety issues, internet safety and body image issues for young people
Veronika Shelley Assistant Head and SENCo at south London primary school
James Stenning Deputy Head of North Bridge House Canonbury

Jennie Buckman Playwright, acting coach and theatre director, former Head of Acting at RADA
Mark Cooper Mark is partner GKP, a consultancy specialising in education communications
Danuta Tomasz Assistant Director of Education for Cognita Schools
Brodie Bibby Headteacher of North Bridge House Prep School
Nicole Haynes Principal of Mount Carmel Catholic College
Deana Puccio Co-founder of The RAP Project & co-author of Sex, Likes & Social Media

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