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Student Review of the National Youth Theatre’s Romeo & Juliet

Year 10 English Trip

As part of their GCSE English Literature studies, North Bridge House Senior students are encouraged to develop their critical analysis skills and consider varying perspectives on classic and modern texts.

Shakespeare’s tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet is renowned for its many adaptations, which continue to grace stages and screens across the world. The National Youth Theatre’s latest production, an Owen Horsley abridgement, promises vendettas, violence and star crossed lovers from Britain’s best young talent.

Following three critically acclaimed seasons, our Year 10 students swapped their North London classroom for the West End Theatre to check out the 1950s take on the play.

Student Review

Cora Mooney-Walsh reports:

The National Youth Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet, a year 10 English trip, was filled with positives and a few negatives.

The diverse group of actors and actresses brought an interesting perspective to this classic Shakespeare play, especially when an actress played the male role of Tybalt. However, the acting in some areas was slightly underwhelming; Romeo had a habit of sounding like he was reading from the script.

The stage design itself wasn’t hugely outstanding, but they did use what they had fairly well. Another positive was the lighting and sound. The sound complemented the scenes and was well selected; however, it tended to be a little loud and drowned out the voices at times. The lighting added dramatic effects, as it should in theatre productions, and helped portray the characters’ emotions in a very interesting way.

What could have been slightly improved was exploring the choice to have characters dressed in 1950s clothing. The general idea was underdeveloped and nothing really offered an explanation as to why they were dressed this way.

Overall, the play was enjoyable and portrayed the story in a clear way with some good acting and good use of comedy.

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