Shakespeare Stage Spectacular: What You Will

Time flies when there’s a play to rehearse and an audience to entertain. It was back at the beginning of November when Mr Bibby announced this year’s Prep School production: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare – or as Shakespeare called it and as the children now know it, What You Will.

Indeed, that time has flown and it has been a pleasure for everyone involved – from Mr Bibby directing to the student crew supporting– to perfect the performance and enjoy a culminating three nights of stage brilliance.

Shakespeare’s comedy unfolds around a group of individuals shipwrecked on an island, trying to solve a problem of mistaken identity, and endeavouring to find true love. The complexity of the play – as with Shakespeare’s scripts in general – can be difficult for even adults to understand. However, our Year 6-8 actors did the famous playwright great justice, making the play intelligible as well as enormous fun. The fight scenes were masterpieces of hilarity. The trickery used by some of the characters, likewise.

There were separate casts spread over the three nights and each impressed their audience as much as the last. A special thank you must go to parents for all your support, both at home as well as during the show, and to our very own Adam Geller, who wrote and performed his own music beautifully.

Cast and Crew

All members of the large cast and crew worked tirelessly throughout the rehearsals and production.

Role Cast 1 Cast 2


Cast 3


Teacher & Sailor Dev Mohit Harjani Navya Bala Sophie Sethill
Tina/Tom & Sailor Johnny Luchford Eli Joshi Hannah Mautner
Harriet/Henry & Sailor Zain Sathe Dylan Grayson Isabel Vir
Dom & Sailor Johnny Crocker Ioannis Chaidos Conor French
Mrs Humphrey Mia Oppenheimer Dara-Grace  Mac Cabe-Lynagh Sophie Guzminova
Humphrey Adam Stern Imogen Reeves Adam Stern
First Mate Bruno Sutton Kristina Fomina Arlo Butler
Angelo Joseph Leslie Jenna Haji Sophie Hoekstra
Sebastian Sebastian Bibby Sebastian Bibby Sam van der Sande
Viola Popsy Dimitriou Ashia Logie Elsa Davies
Lavinia Sienna Goldsmith Ruby Millward Izabella Szoke
Davina Genevieve Gray Bobbie Simmonds Katty Procope
Pandora Noa McDonald Maia Bergman Shriyaa Arunachalam
Captain Joshua Perkins Joshua Perkins Zain Sathe
Sailor Baz Joe Birney Joe Birney Joe Birney
Sailor Chas Nicky Dimitriou Nicky Dimitriou Nicky Dimitriou
Sailor Daz Todd Calton Todd Calton Todd Calton
Sailor Gaz Ido Karti Ido Karti Ido Karti
Alfredo Freddie Gardner Freddie Gardner Edward Steele
Valentino Gideon Dessar Noah Lancet Gideon Dessar
Antonio Felix Bartlett Felix Bartlett Felix Bartlett
Officer Lucas Begley Lucas Begley Ariana Vogel
Soldier William Abbott William Abbott Dylan Ardill
Curio Zac Held Zac Held Zac Held
Orsino Luis Collyer Luis Collyer Torgua Imnadze
Marge Alice Martin Dia Attilakos Orla Jay
Mabel Olive Gormley Ora Dobruna Howling Ora Dobruna Howling
Sir Toby Belch Asher Brookes Asher Brookes Sawyer Dougall
Feste Alex Dimitriou Dillon O’Toole Douglas Dillon O’Toole Douglas
Lady Olivia Antonia Bergman Antonia Bergman Frida McCarthy
Maria Ava Lonnqvist Ava Lonnqvist Plum Gozali
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Elliot Bowden Christian Ritchie Patrick Beard
Malvolio Ralph Ritchie Ralph Ritchie Enrico Meucci-Lyons

Sound: Louis Eberlin & Luke Sunnucks

Lights: Maksim Whittaker, Atticus Cox, Hector Blyth & Thomas Pemberton

Programme: Naomi Sautter

Front of House: Wylie Brunman, Kurt Mautner & Maya Bruun

Photography: Jeremy Gelber

Catering: NBH catering Team

Costumes support: Mrs Hand

Props and scenery: Ben Ashdown, Jamie Dessar & Will Berkshire

Music: Adam Geller, Miss Greenham, Mr Harker & Anna-Maria

Make up: Miss Philips, Sara Dimitriou, Kate Millward, Laurel Dougall, Anat Stern, Rebecca Ohayon, Camilla Collyer, Alice Procopé, Joanna Myers, Tanya Steele, Samira Davies & Tanya Shamash

Producer: Naomi Sautter

Directors: Miss King, Miss Baria, Miss Singleton, Miss Holt, Mr Dykes & Mr Bibby


Viola and her twin brother, Sebastian are shipwrecked in a violent storm off the coast of Illyria; in the process Sebastian is lost, assumed drowned. Viola disguises herself as a boy and goes by the name of Cesario for protection. Thus disguised, Viola becomes a page in the service of Orsino, the Duke. It seems that Orsino is having little luck courting Olivia, who is in mourning for the deaths of her father and brother. As Orsino’s proxy, Viola is sent to Olivia with love letters. Viola refuses to budge until she is let in to see Olivia; Olivia, intrigued by the impudent young “boy,” contrives to get “Cesario” to return by sending her steward, Malvolio, after her with one of Olivia’s rings. Viola realises to her dismay that Olivia has fallen for her Cesario rather than Duke Orsino—further complicated by the fact that Viola has had stirrings herself for Orsino.

Who will marry who? Will Malvolio surprise us all? Will poor Andrew find anyone?

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